Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vote on the Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT Finalists!

After careful consideration of the over 70 submissions entered in the Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT contest, we have selected six finalists for Dragonicans to choose as the player-created balloon they want to see in-game as an equippable item. The finalists in alphabetical order are:

"Electrosplatter" by figroti

"Heroes VS Paris" by julmuri92
dragonicaballoon1side11.png dragonicaballoon1side21.png

"Vyvern and Dekard" by Minpyon
dragonicacontestleftsid.png dragonicacontestrightsi.png

"Poporing <3 Sushi" by nyxiss (Entry #3)
376133297200d6a8441eo.png 37605335191c66af2c4co.png

"Helium Poporing" by prince0fangels

"When Woodsters Attack" by ticktock (Entries #1 and #2 as front/back)
entry2fcopy.png entry1r.png

Voters are winners too! If you vote in this poll (found above this post), you will receive the winning balloon regardless of which you vote for! Please be sure to view each submission link before voting.

Voting ends August 6th at 11:59 PM Pacific (2:59 AM Eastern)!

Choose well, Dragonicans!