Monday, August 31, 2009

Second Continent Angrakka Awaits!

The Continent of Chaos


Since beginning your journey to the world of dragons, the adventures presented to you have guided your exploration of Dragonica's southwestern continent, El Grego. You have survived arduous battles and served as champion for the forces of good in this land. Despite your many triumphs, dark rumors told between clenched teeth speak of an untamed territory where evil has rooted itself, defying your efforts. The land of Angrakka, the continent of chaos, beckons you to its shores. Will you follow? Will you overcome?

The Path to Angrakka

Angrakka, the southeastern land mass of Dragonica, is separated from its sister continent, El Grego, by molten rock and putrid swamps. Symbolic of the chaotic nature of Angrakka, these rotting lands are teeming with all manner of creatures who seek to make your first steps in their continent your last. If your courage implores you to press on, travel past the Lava Rock Fields and Molten Raeth to arrive in the city of Libra. Here you are apt to find many hapless adventurers too timid to proceed. Beyond this last bastion of sanctuary lies the Dried Woods Swamp, entrance to the greater Smoldering Swamp, a labyrinth of dying vegetation populated by unseemly monsters. Now your Angrakkan adventure truly begins.

New Angrakkan Towns

Should you survive long enough, you may stumble upon the oasis of Portobello Village near overgrown Sanctuary of the Gods or find harborage in Camp Ellora beyond the crystalline Frigid Canyon. With the uncharted maps of Angrakka being home to murderous creatures between levels 40 and 60, these shelters will be a welcome respite. You may also find lost vendors and wandering merchants willing to engage in commerce on the battlefield.

New Job Class Promotions

While exploring the perilous lands of Angrakka, heroes have discovered new disciplines to practice and master. Warriors have honed their abilities to become pious Paladins or brutal Myrmidons. Magicians have channeled their craft to elevate to wholesome Shamans or destructive Warmages. Archers have developed their skills to graduate to crafty Pathfinders or powerful Grenadiers. Thieves have evolved their techniques to become manipulative Harlequins or tricky Ninjas. In order to promote to these new classes, you must first defeat the Magma Drake Lavalon and be at least level 40. Once you have completed these feats, talk to Pablo the Alchemist in the city of Libra and accept his quest titled "An Offer of Help".

Your Journey Continues in Angrakka

So, brave heroes, journey forth into the continent of chaos and take on the challenge to dispel evil from the land of Angrakka. While you traverse the swampland, you will face fearsome new monsters such as man-sized, wasp-like Firefly Sentinels, reptilian Webfoots wielding polearms, and half-man, half-beast Kentar. As you enter the frozen wastes of to the north, icy Kong Frogs, towering Yeti, and mischievous Spore Fairies will stalk your every step. Be on your guard! Your journey to the world of dragons has just begun!

The path to Angrakka opens with Dragonica Online v0.7.78, arriving September 3rd! Click here for the Server Status forum thread. Journey well, Dragonicans!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guess the Open Beta Test Start Date Contest Results

Here are the results of the Guess the Open Beta Test Start Date contest! The lucky guessers, chosen at random, are blademyth, mrblack, mult5354, and rubra00.

Congratulations, winners! You will be contacted via email so we can deliver your Dragonica Online wall scrolls to you. You will each receive one of the following at random:

3794026400_9a6280efe3_m.jpg 3794026180_3612a63b23_m.jpg 3793208231_0ce003248b_m.jpg 3793207999_3d32c9c108_m.jpg

The Open Beta Test has just begun and we have many new and exciting events for you to participate in. Check the Contests and Events forum for the latest!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dragonica Online v0.7.74 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
v0.7.74 Patch Notes

  • [Helpful Gift] items have been fixed and will be given to players who complete the "Wolf Counter Attack" quest. We will address reissuing of this item.
  • Dozens of text fixes in the quest dialogue.
  • Improvements to the profanity filter.
  • Updated character creation cinematic.

  • Fixed an animation issue with the Launch Grenade skill.
  • Fixed an animation issue related to repeatedly hitting the C key.

  • Dozens of text fixes to the user interface.
  • In-game mail no longer erroneously displays other in-game mail's contents.

  • Vendor NPCs no longer behave like Vending Machine NPCs.
  • Item crafting can no longer be performed while your character is dead.

  • Removed ICE Cash sale option from Open Market. It was not an intended function.
  • Item levels now display properly in the stock management window.

  • Teleport cards can no longer be used while your character is dead.
  • Fixed tooltips related to the Item Vault.

Player vs. Player
  • PvP Lobby text areas increased to allow more letters.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

March of the Fellowship Contest

The Dragon Fellowship is composed of heroes like yourselves and we want to commemorate your first steps together in Dragonica Online! Whether it's your bestest leveling buddies, your tight-knit guild, or just friendly Dragonicans passing by, collect them together for a chance for you all to win big!

March of the Fellowship

Gather as many other players together with you, strike your most heroic fellowship pose, and snap a screenshot. Post your screenshot in the event thread on the forums along with a list of all players included to enter! All listed participants in a screenshot will receive a prize if the submission wins! There will be a first, second, and third place winner for this contest.

Read the contest forum thread for full details! Say cheese, heroes! Interviews THQ*ICE's Ben Serviss

Massively multiplayer online game news site has published a lengthy interview with THQ*ICE's Ben Serviss, Product Manager for Dragonica Online. The questions asked pertain to our Open Beta Test, gameplay, upcoming content, and more. Here's a snippet to get you started:
Ten Ton Hammer: You’ve spent a lot of time localizing Dragonica Online for North America. What would you consider to be the biggest changes that you implemented compared to how the game plays in Asia?

Ben Serviss: The first thing you’ll notice is the text. Well actually, you won’t notice it because we think we did a pretty solid job of making sure that everything in game makes as much sense as it should to players here. In some of the games you’ll play, maybe they’ll have focused more on graphics on the technical side but we really wanted to make sure that our first impression is positive and that people can play the game and not think that this just got off the boat but is a game that was developed, made and crafted specifically for an American audience.

Even more importantly than that is how the experience could work. When we first looked at the game being developed in Korea, there was a focus on grinding through levels and doing a lot of repetitive tasks so we wanted to take everything that was great about this game and remove some of the burden on the player. What we’ve managed to do is adjust the curve enough so that you are not pressured to do the same thing over and over. It’s okay to explore at a pace that you find fun.

To read full interview on, click here.

My Dragon Vacation Contest

Summer is rapidly coming to a close and we want to hear how you spent it... in Dragonica Online! Write up a brief summary of your vacation in the world of Dragonica in this thread to be entered into the My Dragon Vacation contest.

My Dragon Vacation

The essay must be between 250 and 500 words in length and the content must follow the forum rules. There will be three winners for this contest.

Read the contest forum thread for full details! Writing caps on, Dragonicans

Friday, August 21, 2009

Received A Cosmetic Balloon Coupon During PBT/CBT? Use It Again!

Dragonicans who participated in our Preview Beta Test and Closed Beta Test were presented with a number of opportunities to secure special promotional cosmetic balloon items. We are proud to announce the coupons players received for these items are still valid for use during Open Beta Test.

The emailed coupons for these promotional balloons can be re-submitted to Event Organizer Gatto:
  • Preview Beta Balloon Pack: [Doodoo Balloon], [Piggy Balloon], and [Cutie Balloon]
  • [E3 Balloon]
  • [MMORPG Balloon]
  • [Xfire Balloon]
  • [Ten Ton Hammer Balloon]
  • [GameSpy Balloon]

The coupon for the [Comic-Con Balloon] can be found in the Dragonica Online comic books handed out at Comic-Con 2009. These coupons are also valid for OBT and can be submitted to Event Organizer Gatto.

The coupon for the [Anime Expo Balloon] can be found on the Dragonica Online postcards handed out at Anime Expo 2009. These coupons are also valid for OBT and can be submitted to Event Organizer Gatto. If you lost or discarded your Dragonica Online postcard, we will be looking into issuing new coupons to THQ*ICE Passports made at Anime Expo 2009.

Please note that these coupons will expire on October 1st so enter them today!

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Teaser

Woodsters drop apples, sheep drop wool, kobolds drop... a chance to win a Dragonica Online t-shirt? They will. The foul creatures that call the untamed lands of Dragonica home now hoard new treasures to claim as your own: raffle cards. These rare drops can be traded for character-enhancing items, exchanged for raffle cards with higher-value prizes, or kept for a chance to win some very special Dragonica Online loot. All manner of monster from all corners of Dragonica Online are capable of carrying these valuable items. Sharpen your blades, shine your staves, and string your bows, Dragonicans. The Hunt is coming…

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt

To celebrate the launch of the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test, THQ*ICE is hosting the first-ever Loot Hunt event that offers players awesome in-game and real world prizes!

Event: Dragonica Online Loot Hunt
Details: Earn Loot Hunt raffle cards by hunting monsters. Hang on to these cards to enter a random drawing, collect them to trade up for high level Loot Hunt raffle cards, or exchange them for special bonus items to boost your stats. Players with raffle cards in their possession at the end of the event will be automatically entered into the drawing.
Duration: Early September
icecash.jpg - ICE Cash
prizepack.jpg - In-Game Prize Packs
wallscrolls.jpg - Dragonica Online Wall Scrolls
tshirtk.jpg - Dragonica Online T-Shirts
- And much, much more!

Stay tuned for more details and premium prize announcements!

CBT Event Rewards Delivered, Check Your Email!

Dragonicans who participated in our Closed Beta Test during July will no doubt recall the Perfect Attendance Sentinel Contest which granted a special reward in OBT to players who logged into the CBT each day it ran. Not only has this prize been sent to the winners but a prize has been sent to all Passport accounts that participated in the CBT.

If you participated in the CBT, you will receive a [Woodster Chair] item. If you also completed the Perfect Attendance Sentinel Contest, you will receive a [Beta Tester's Balloon] item. Please check your email inbox for the coupons for these items and use them with Event Organizer Gatto to collect your reward!

Please note that these coupons will expire on October 1st so enter them today!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Official Dragonica Online Forum Postcount Rankings Implemented

We asked, you answered! Dragonicans made their preferred selection in our "THQ*ICE Asks" thread asking what postcount ranking theme we should apply to the official Dragonica Online forums. The result was resounding: more than 50% of the votes were in favor of "dragonkin".

Here is the new postcount rank schedule:

  • 0 Posts: Unhatched Egg
  • 10 Posts: Lizard Hatchling
  • 25 Posts: Monitor Lizard
  • 50 Posts: Young Whelp
  • 75 Posts: Whelp
  • 100 Posts: Young Drake
  • 150 Posts: Drake
  • 200 Posts: Young Wyvern
  • 300 Posts: Wyvern
  • 500 Posts: Young Dragon
  • 1000 Posts: Dragon
  • 1500 Posts: Young Wyrm
  • 2000 Posts: Wyrm
  • 3000 Posts: Great Wyrm
  • ...

This schedule will be updated as the forum grows. Yes, there are ranks beyond Great Wyrm. No, we will not reveal them until someone achieves them.

If you have suggestions or comments on this postcount rank schedule, feel free to make them in this forum thread.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THQ*ICE Asks: How Do You Like Our New Cash Shop?

Hello, everyone! This is Richard Kim, your friendly neighborhood Associate Producer.

Thank you all very much for your participation in our previous poll, it was very instructive.

Now that we're in Open Beta, we've opened up the Cash Shop for everyone to enjoy. Please go and take a look - there are a lot of great items in there, and we'll be putting more in as time passes.

One thing we're curious about is this - what kinds of items are your favorite, and what kinds of items would you like to see put into it? Please answer our poll, and post your idea for any neat items that you have.

I can't promise that we'll use your idea, but your input is always welcome!

Day Zero Launch Successful! Welcome to Day One and Beyond!

At precisely 2:00 PM Pacific on August 18th, the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test launched. Thousands of eager Dragonicans poured into the servers to begin their journey to the world of dragons. The launch was smooth and the service was constant. We here at THQ*ICE would like to share our sincere thanks with you, the players, for your part in making our first Open Beta Test launch so remarkably successful.

That said, we are aware of a handful of issues ranging from case-by-case login problems to undelivered event rewards to known issues with version 0.7.70 of the game and are working to solve these. Please continue to help us improve Dragonica Online by posting in the Technical Support, Bug Reports, and Suggestions forums located in the Hospital Ward category. Your written input and experiences will aid not only yourself but your fellow Dragonicans.

This is just the beginning, Dragonicans! We have events, contests, game updates, Cash Shop additions, and lots more planned. Welcome to the start of your journey with us!

Journey well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friends Forever

With the start of Open Beta Test comes a set of events for the first week! Details for the Friends Forever event follow:

Event: Friends Forever
Details: Earn any amount of Friend Points by playing in party with other players in your Friend List to win five [Party Warp Card] items! Friend Points have to be earned during the event duration in order to qualify.
Prize: 5x [Party Warp Card]. Infinite number of winners. Only the first character on a THQ*ICE Passport to complete this event is eligible. Prizes will be delivered after the event ends.
Duration: Starts Friday, August 21st, ends Monday, August 24th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Prizes will be sent via in-game mail.

Odelllia Starter Pack

With the start of Open Beta Test comes a set of events for the first week! Details for the Odellia Starter Pack event follow:

Event: Odellia Starter Pack
Details: Journey to the world of dragons and create a character before the end of August 25th to receive an Odellia Starter Pack!
Prize: 5x [Phoenix Feather], 15x [Soul], 5x [Weak Health Potion], and 5x [Weak Mana Potion]. Infinite number of winners. Only the first character on a THQ*ICE Passport to complete this event is eligible.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, August 18th, ends Tuesday, August 25th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Prizes will be sent via in-game mail.

Woodster's Welcome

With the start of Open Beta Test comes a set of events for the first week! Details for the Woodster's Welcome event follow:

Event: Woodster's Welcome
Details: Achieve level 10 before the end of August 25th to receive a reward!
Prize: Woodster Balloon. Infinite number of winners. Only the first character on a THQ*ICE Passport to complete this event is eligible.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, August 18th, ends Tuesday, August 25th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Prizes will be sent via in-game mail.

Journey to the World of Dragons!

The Dragonica Online Open Beta Test has started! Begin your journey to the world of dragons right now!

We here at THQ*ICE welcome you to Dragonica Online. Journey well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Four Panels of Funny


The Dragonica Online Open Beta Test has begun and players are able and encouraged to capture screenshots of their in-game experiences. However, we'd like to take this a step further. We'd like to invite Dragonicans to apply their wit and sense of humor to the scenes they capture. After all, we here at THQ*ICE have had a very busy time getting Open Beta Test ready and could use some good laughs! Thus begins our first Dragonica Online comic strip contest!

Four Panels of Funny

Using the above sample comic as a rough example, piece together your own funny, original, or parody comic strip using Dragonica Online screenshots or drawn images. The comic strips must be exactly four panels in length and the content must follow the forum rules but beyond that the format is entirely up to you! There will be ten winners for this contest.

Read the contest forum thread for full details! Make us laugh, Dragonicans!

Dragonica Insider Interviews THQ*ICE Staff

While you wait for the sun to set today and 2:00 PM Pacific to arrive tomorrow, point your browsers over to Dragonica Insider's website where they have uploaded a special episode of their podcast in which they interview two Dragonica Online Team members: Ben Serviss, Product Manager, and Evan Berman, Community Lead.

Click here to be taken to the audio interview.

More than twenty burning questions are asked and answered over the 45 minute duration. Have a listen!

Dragonica Online v0.7.70 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
0.7.70 Patch Notes

  • Hundreds of text fixes and improvements to quests.
  • Improvements to the skill descriptions.
  • Improvements in the monster descriptions in the Journal.

  • Fixed the claw and katar animations for male and female Thief characters.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Z key while casting didn't show a change in character animation.
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to not display properly after sitting on usable chairs.

  • Cash Shop interface has been adjusted for six tabs.
  • Fixed an error with game map loading.
  • Monster's debuff icon display size is now uniform.
  • The space bar "skip" option no longer appears when a quest acceptance window is up.
  • When the Cash Shop is up, the chat window now increases in width to match.
  • Fixed a Character Information window display error, character now displays as intended.
  • Opening the Skill Tree window with the hotkey now causes the "Level Up!" blinking to stop.
  • Fixed interface display issues when resurrecting a character.
  • Fixed a party interface display issue that occurs when a party invitation is accepted while the Cash Shop is up.
  • If your Quest Log is full, you won't be allowed to begin a quest conversation. Instead, "Your Quest Log is full." will be displayed.
  • Improved trade interface functionality.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash when replying to chat in the external chatting window.

  • Experience given for completing quests and killing monsters has been improved.
  • Poporing "pop-up help" trigger locations adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the character to get stuck during hyperjump.
  • Party buffs have been fixed and improved.
  • Changed party member starting location to be slightly different than party leader upon entering a mission map.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't use resurrection options in instances even with sufficient Gold.

- Paladin
  • Tear Armor Asunder skill has been fixed.

- Assassin
  • Poison Crusher skill animation has been fixed.

- Priest
  • Diffusion Cannon attack speed is now the same regardless of character gender.

- Shaman
  • Double Shot attack speed is now the same regardless of character gender.

- Assassin
  • Violent Blow combo accuracy at Rank 5 has been fixed.
  • Aerial Kick attack now matches tooltip description.

- Hunter
  • Arrow Shower and Wolf Rush damage decreases will now apply.

Cash Shop and Player Shops
  • A number of fixes to player shop creation items.
  • Improved player shop functionality.
  • The offline duration of player shops no longer counts down while owner is online.
  • Fixed a Cash Shop error where ICE Cash wasn't deducted for purchases.
  • Fixed an issue with player shops where shop owners couldn't select Superior or Premium Shop after selecting Normal Shop.

  • Items can no longer be moved in inventory while the Enchantment or Soulcrafting windows are up.
  • Fixed a crash related to enchanting items.
  • Fixed an issue where [Enchantment Insurance Scroll] item graphics persist after use.
  • [Gada Coin] items no longer drop from chests.
  • Fixed inventory manipulation exploit.
  • Fixed item duplication exploit.

Player vs. Player
  • Fixed the use of resurrection skills during PvP Elimination match.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the number of deaths to not display properly for all players.
  • Fixed a bug in PvP Battle Royal where skills in the Quickslot didn't initialize properly.
  • When PvP matches end, players are now frozen in place instead of resetting to their default positions.

  • Fixed a bug where guild settings couldn't be saved when the guild emblem had been changed.

Additional Dragonica Online Download Sources

With exactly 24 hours until the Dragonica Online server opens and Open Beta Test begins, we have started hosting the Dragonica Online client in additional locations to compensate for demand.

If you are having difficulty downloading the game client using our Downloads page, please try one of these external websites:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Download Dragonica Online Today, Play on August 18th!

Dragonica Online's Open Beta Test starts in just two days and the Dragonica Online Team wants to help you get ready for the big day!

Instead of waiting to download the game on August 18th, you can get a head start and download Dragonica Online now. Just head over to the Dragonica Online website or click on the "Download Game" button below. When the server opens on August 18th, you will be able to log in and be among the first to Journey to the World of Dragons!

Click here to be taken to the Download page!

While you download Dragonica Online, read about our awesome Heroes of Day Zero events and prizes!

Please bear in mind that you will need to uninstall any other version of Dragonica Online before installing the Open Beta Test client.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Heroes of Day Zero


Hearken unto me, Dragonicans!

On the eighteenth day in the month of August, eager adventurers from many lands will begin their journey to the world of dragons. To commemorate this great pilgrimage, we have conscripted the finest artisans to produce illustrative tapestries of the heroes to be born this day. All who march on Dragonica are invited to vie for thirty-two of these kingly rewards by accomplishing feats of heroism.

This day, we celebrate the Heroes of Day Zero.

Heroes of Day Zero
Details: Three events for heroes everywhere to compete in on the initial day of the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test. See below.
Prize: Thirty-two (32) players will win one (1) Dragonica Online wall scroll.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, August 18th at 2:00 PM Pacific, ends at 11:59 PM Pacific.

First to Fight
Your courage and fortitude, indeed your very mettle will be tested in the feats of heroism we present you with this day. For those who believe themselves unmatched in alacrity, the First to Fight event is the arena to measure your speed. Be one of the first ten adventurers to brave the world of Dragonica and you shall be victorious.
Details: Race to create one of the first ten characters on Day Zero.
Prize: Ten (10) Dragonica Online wall scrolls, one per winner. No more than one winner per THQ*ICE Passport. Winners will be announced after the Heroes of Day Zero event ends.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, August 18th, at 2:00 PM Pacific.

Second to None
You are hale and hearty. You hold prowess in raw ability above all else. You pride yourself on your stamina. This is your feat as you seek to be Second to None. Whether it be from completion of quests or simply laying waste to the evil in your path, become one of the ten most experienced adventurers by day's end and you will have earned the title of hero.
Details: Battle your way to be one of the ten highest level characters on Day Zero, based on amount of experience.
Prize: Ten (10) Dragonica Online wall scrolls, one per winner. No more than one winner per THQ*ICE Passport. Winners will be announced after the Heroes of Day Zero event ends.
Duration: Ends Tuesday, August 18th, at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Third and Up
Driven to excel beyond your peers, you seek a challenge not based on speed nor stamina but skill. Mastery of yourself and your foe is your mantra. The Third and Up competition is held for you. Overpower your enemies, outperform your rivals, and you will make your high mark seen by all.
Details: Earn one of the top three scores for the Vagabond Mission Map on one-, two-, three-, or four-star difficulty at the end of Day Zero.
Prize: Twelve (12) Dragonica Online wall scrolls, one per winner. No more than one winner per THQ*ICE Passport. Winners will be announced after the Heroes of Day Zero event ends.
Duration: Ends Tuesday, August 18th, at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Show us your speed, your stamina, and your skill this day and you will be named a hero of Day Zero and receive one of these Dragonica Online wall scrolls.

3794026400_9a6280efe3_m.jpg 3794026180_3612a63b23_m.jpg 3793208231_0ce003248b_m.jpg 3793207999_3d32c9c108_m.jpg

Journey well, Dragonicans.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT Contest Results

With over 70 submissions entered in the Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT contest, paring down to six finalists was no easy task. As many players commented, selecting the best of those six was even harder. However, in the end, one design prevailed as the popular submission.

We would like to congratulate nyxiss for the winning in-game balloon design, "Poporing <3 Sushi".

3760533591_ef2fb8bcbb_o.png 3760533645_70a5519a1d_o.png
Front and Back

As outlined in the original BYOB2OBT thread, the winner and all THQ*ICE Passports that voted in the contest finalists forum poll will receive this design as an in-game balloon item during our Open Beta Test which starts in less than five days. The design is currently undergoing implementation and we will announce when the item has been added to the game.

To all of the participants in this contest, thank you very much for your creative efforts and we look forward to seeing what you create for the Craft A T-Shirt contest, currently ongoing!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test Countdown Page

Counting the remaining days before the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test is such a dated method! Why not visit our OBT Countdown Page instead? Check the days left until OBT begins and read up on game features!

Six days remain until your journey to the world of dragons begins!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THQ*ICE Asks: What Forum Postcount Ranking Theme Would YOU Like?

Dragonicans who have been with us for a while know full well that we here at THQ*ICE like community input quite a bit. After all, the collective name "Dragonicans" was decided on by the community for the community! In continuing that tradition, we'd like to open up a discussion with you all about what theme you'd like your postcount rankings to have. These are the titles that currently read "Junior Member", "Member", and "Senior Member" based on the user's number of posts.

In this forum poll thread you'll find a selection of options. Vote for the one you'd want to see implemented. Bear in mind that we're going to take the overall community opinion into account but final decision will rest with THQ*ICE as to how to name the ranks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test Date Announced!

Hello Dragonicans!

The countdown starts! THQ*ICE is very excited to tell you that Dragonica Online will enter Open Beta Test (OBT) on Tuesday, August 18th, at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern). Stay tuned for updates on the Dragonica Online website until OBT begins!

Come for the latest news, stay for the community and contests! Here on the official forums you'll meet new friends to play with next week when the Dragonica Online servers open. While you're here, show us your idea of what a Dragonica Online t-shirt should look like in the Craft A T-Shirt contest. The winning design gets made into a real t-shirt!

Journey well!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fond Memories of Comic-Con 2009

Just a quick update for you folks who have been patiently waiting for images from Comic-Con 2009: your wait is over!

Click here to get a feel for the constant activity and fun we enjoyed down in San Diego!

Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt Contest

Weapon isn’t cutting it? Enhance it using enchanting!
Armor losing its sheen? Improve it using soulcrafting!
Character need a pick-me-up? Feed it using cooking!
Shirt lacking Dragonican fashion? READ ON!

Dragonica Online offers a range of crafting systems to improve your character and your equipment but what about your own wardrobe? Enter the “Craft A T-Shirt” contest! Read on for more information.

Craft A T-Shirt Contest

Skill up your crafting skill by creating the front or back of a new Dragonica Online t-shirt! One side will feature the Dragonica Online logo and the THQ*ICE logo will be on one sleeve. Entries are welcome to utilize the Dragonica Online images available via our official Flickr page but do not have to use these assets. Apply your knowledge of the game and the world of Dragonica to craft a t-shirt design that is clever, funny, bold, iconic, or all of the above! Your choice of content and drawing medium is unlimited but contest entries do need to be submitted in a digital format.

For more details, visit the contest forum thread!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

THQ*ICE Asks: What Costume Would You Like In-Game?

Hello Dragonicans!

Richard Kim, THQ*ICE's Associate Producer, would like to ask you a question about Cash Shop items and what you'd like to see as a wearable costume.

"If you could make any kind of in-game costume you wanted to, what kind would it be? Please also post in the thread, stating which option you chose and give a more specific example of what you mean."

Check out the poll on the forums to make your selection and be sure to follow it up with a post detailing specifics!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Previews Dragonica Online at Comic-Con 2009

MMORPG-centric news website has published their preview of Dragonica Online as experienced at Comic-Con 2009 last month. This lengthy article covers a wide range of subjects including basics, gameplay, monetization, player versus player, and other game features. Here's a snippet:

Players in Dragonica will find the usual four generic fantasy classes; Warrior, Mage, Archer & Thief. At level 20, players choose a specialization, and at further levels, attain new titles and skills. In a mixture of combat and questing, players have 60 levels to attain at launch, unlocking hidden skills and combos with amusing animation effects. I had hands on play with a high level archer, firing off what looked like stinger missiles, deploying robot tanks and an AE nuke with fiery destruction raining from above while my character stood and saluted.
Click here to read the full article on!

Vote on the Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT Finalists!

After careful consideration of the over 70 submissions entered in the Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT contest, we have selected six finalists for Dragonicans to choose as the player-created balloon they want to see in-game as an equippable item. The finalists in alphabetical order are:

"Electrosplatter" by figroti

"Heroes VS Paris" by julmuri92
dragonicaballoon1side11.png dragonicaballoon1side21.png

"Vyvern and Dekard" by Minpyon
dragonicacontestleftsid.png dragonicacontestrightsi.png

"Poporing <3 Sushi" by nyxiss (Entry #3)
376133297200d6a8441eo.png 37605335191c66af2c4co.png

"Helium Poporing" by prince0fangels

"When Woodsters Attack" by ticktock (Entries #1 and #2 as front/back)
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ten Ton Hammer Publishes Introductory Dragonica Online Interview

Comic-Con 2009 gave a great many media representatives the opportunity for a hands-on taste of Dragonica Online. When MMO news website Ten Ton Hammer came to visit, a set of ten questions were asked and answered and have now been published for you to read. Here are two to whet your appetite:

Ten Ton Hammer: How does the art style compare with the combat system?

Evan Berman: Well, the game is completely made up of this candy-coated, light-hearted, chibi-style of art. Very bright color palettes and a variety of textures.

That said, the combat system itself is very sophisticated and pushes players to know their skills, combos, and how to chain their attacks together to perform as efficiently as possible. It's really how players maximize their DPS and their role in the party.

Ten Ton Hammer: What kind of combat scenarios do you have in the game?

Evan: There's a whole variety of them. For example, we have what we call mission maps that have a variety of stages where you clear out little monsters and then you fight a big boss monster at the end. Players are given grades at the end of each stage based on how long it took them to complete the encounter, the number of times they were hit, combos you were able to pull off, etc. The items you receive at the end of your encounter are based off of that grade.
Click here to read the full interview on Ten Ton Hammer.

Game Informer Previews Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online was featured in the July and August issues of Game Informer magazine in its Mod World and MMO Report columns, respectively. Here is a passage from the July issue's article:

Big-headed heroes wielding oversized weapons as they plow through droves of monsters are Dragonica Online's bread and butter. Though it's a full-size game, Dragonica Online doesn't cost anything to play. Cosmetic items and boosts like temporary experience potions are available for real money, but the publisher is adamant that players are not disadvanataged in combat or blocked from parts of the game if they elect not to put any money into the system.
Visit Game Informer's website here!