Monday, November 9, 2009

New Features List of Dragonica Online: Veil of Darkness (v1.1)

Dragonica Online: Veil of Darkness
v1.1 New Feature List

Veil of Darkness Storyline
  • The land of Drakos in the northwestern reaches of Angrakka, the continent of chaos, has been enveloped in an unnatural purple mist. Word of the impenetrable violet haze has traveled across the world of Dragonica. At first told in hushed voices behind clenched teeth along quiet mountain paths, talk of its perilous gloom now fills the busy streets of Port of the Winds. As fear gives way to panic, two questions grip the populace: what is the source of the disturbance and what does it portend? The foul fog's influence is spreading and the good people of Dragonica are on their guard, counting the days since this shroud of shadows, this veil of darkness descended.
  • Many NPCs in towns will reference this event when selecting “Conversation” with them.

Increased Level Cap
  • The maximum level has been increased to 65.

New Quests
  • Over 40 new quests including new rare monster quests.

Improved Dungeon Bosses
  • Updated hit point and attack power amounts for all dungeon bosses.

New Pet System
  • Three different types of pets, Birdy, Puppy and Kitty, can be earned from Pet Sellers Amy and Edith by completing quests at level 20, 30, and 40. When equipped, these pets provide gameplay bonuses. Pets will require [Pet Food] regularly lest they grow exhausted and cease to assist you!
  • The Pet System will continue to develop over the course of upcoming content updates.

Emporia War 2.0
  • The top eight guilds that bid Guild Points for the right to challenge the guild that owns Emporia will now fight each other in a series of seven bracketed matches. The guild that wins these challenger matches earns the opportunity to fight the Emporia-owning guild in a final showdown. Add updated fighting areas and Emporia fight rules for a wholly reimagined guild-versus-guild tournament.

Advanced Crafting System
  • Items can now be enchanted up to +20. Enhanced graphic effects are added to the item after enchanting beyond +15. Also introduced are [Reinforced Insurance Scroll] items which protect the target items of your crafting from +15 to +20.
  • Streamlined interface for enchanting and soulcrafting items.

New Cash Shop Item Types
  • Vanity Items: Cash Shop items that allow players to change their character's Hair Style, Hair Color, and even Face.
  • Gotcha! Items: These low-priced Cash Shop items provide a random item including such as Inventory Slot Expansion items, Experience Potions, and Eternity Potions. Available by early December.
  • Recall Cards: Cash Shop items that allow players to save their location in any Field Map.

Improved Mission Map System
  • Entirely redesigned scoring system and updated level requirements.

New Function for Gada Coins
  • Upon successfully beating a Mission Map, [Gada Coin] items can be spent to grant an additional item roll for a chance to receive a random reward.

Personalized Character Cards
  • These customizable personal profiles are free and provided as a reward for completing a special quest chain.

New Ways to Emote
  • Four new emote dance routines.
  • New Float Emotes, a variety of emoticons that display over the character's head. Initial Float Emotes will be Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Puppy, and Sangka.

Improved In-Game Journal
  • More helpful information and better explanations of soulcrafting, enchanting, and accomplishments.

Control is in Your Hands
  • Gamepad configuration available in options menu.

This list of new features in Dragonica Online: Veil of Darkness (v1.1) is subject to change and not final. The Veil of Darkness descends on November 17th.