Monday, August 17, 2009

Four Panels of Funny


The Dragonica Online Open Beta Test has begun and players are able and encouraged to capture screenshots of their in-game experiences. However, we'd like to take this a step further. We'd like to invite Dragonicans to apply their wit and sense of humor to the scenes they capture. After all, we here at THQ*ICE have had a very busy time getting Open Beta Test ready and could use some good laughs! Thus begins our first Dragonica Online comic strip contest!

Four Panels of Funny

Using the above sample comic as a rough example, piece together your own funny, original, or parody comic strip using Dragonica Online screenshots or drawn images. The comic strips must be exactly four panels in length and the content must follow the forum rules but beyond that the format is entirely up to you! There will be ten winners for this contest.

Read the contest forum thread for full details! Make us laugh, Dragonicans!