Monday, September 28, 2009

New Cash Shop Items Incoming!

After tomorrow morning's weekly maintenance, the Dragonica Online Cash Shop will be populated with new cosmetic equipment for purchase! Here is a listing of the new selections:

pilotpackagemale.png pilotpackagefemale.png
[Pilot Package]

martialartsyellowpackag.png martialartsyellowpackag.png
[Martial Art Package]

martialartsblackpackage.png martialartsblackpackage.png
[Martial Art Package (Black)]

martialartsredpackagema.png martialartsredpackagefe.png
[Martial Art Package (Red)]

sharkhat.png octopushat.png
[Shark Hat] [Octopus Hat]

ribbitgloves.png moogloves.png cactuspunch.png
[Ribbit Gloves] [Moo Gloves] [Cactus Punch]

[Elephant Nose]
Enjoy, Dragonicans!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GM-Spotting (Find The GM)

Attention, Dragonicans! Our first GM-Spotting event commences tomorrow!

Starting at 5:00 PM Pacific on September 24th, one of our Game Masters will hide somewhere in a city or field map, waiting for you to find them in Channel-5. Clues in the form of haiku will be broadcast in-game to provide hints as to the location. You will then have ten minutes to find the Game Master and open a trade window with them. The first three players to find the Game Master will win 10x [Phoenix Feathers], after which the Game Master will move to a new hiding spot. You'll have three chances to find the Game Master in this first GM-Spotting event!

Full details follow:

Event: GM-Spotting
Details: Locate the hiding Game Master in-game and open a trade window with them to win a prize! Three rounds of hiding will occur with a broadcast haiku serving as a clue for each location.
Prize: 10x [Phoenix Feather] for nine winners. Only the first character on a THQ*ICE Passport to complete this event is eligible. Players can win once per location.
Duration: Starts Thursday, September 24th at 5:00 PM Pacific.

In-game announcements will begin one hour before the start of the event.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day


T’be observin’ annual and international Talk Like A Pirate Day, Dragonica Online invites ye to journey to the world o’ dragons startin' Friday September 18th to be grabbin' the new buccaneer outfit in the Cash Shop to dress proper-like fer the event. Howe’er, be sure'n to get ye your [Pirate Eye Patch] and [Parrot] balloon items t’be completin’ your costume!

Yarr! Don’t be havin’ enough ICE Cash t’be gettin’ these swashbucklin’ items? Ye can purchase some by visitin’ this link or ye can go to the Cash Shop to get the [Pirate Balloon] fer naught a copper. Aye, the [Pirate Balloon] be yours fer the takin', FREE! The free balloon giveaway is bein’ held from September 18th until the 19th and all other piratey items will be leavin’ the Cash Shop on Tuesday, September 22nd, so be sure to procure them while ye can, matey!

Arrr, but there be another type o’ reward for making monsters walk the plank this weekend. Dragonicans who be logging in on Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19th, we be givin’ ye an experience boost! Get a little closer to your next level in addition to plunderin’ the booty you’ll be lootin’ from fighting all manner o’ beast in the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt! If this be not enough to put the wind in your sails, we'll be havin' all hands on deck for a special pirate-themed O/X Quiz at 5:00 PM Pacific on Saturday.

Read ye on fer more details. And remember: dead Shark Pirates tell no tales!


Event: Talk Like A Pirate Day
Details: Celebrate a day of swashbucklin' with an all-day experience boost, a pirate-themed O/X Quiz, special Cash Shop items, and a free cosmetic balloon item, the [Pirate Balloon]!
Date: September 19th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM Pacific

  • Grab your garb early, lads and lasses! Starting Friday September 18th, ye can collect special Talk Like A Pirate Day cosmetic items from ye olde Cash Shop including the [Pirate Balloon], a free balloon to celebrate the event!
  • Ye olde Cash Shop be gettin' a new shipment of booty in the form of [Parrot] balloons, [Pirate Eye Patch]es, and a full Buccaneer outfit. Dress as a salty knave of the sea from top to toe!
  • On Saturday September 19th, ye can enjoy an increased experience boost from the foul beasts you slay all day! For the truly keen of mind, ye can indeed use your [EXP Boost Potion]s to stack with this bonus.
  • At 5:00 PM Pacific, we be startin' a special pirate-themed O/X Quiz for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Be sure to be prompt to participate!
  • Although the free [Pirate Balloon] and experience bonus end as September 19th passes, the Talk Like A Pirate Day items in the Cash Shop will remain available until our scheduled server maintenance on Tuesday, September 22nd!

piratemarkballoon.png pirateeyepatch.png parrotballoon.png
[Pirate Balloon] [Pirate Eye Patch] [Parrot]

buccaneerpackage.png buccaneerlegs.png buccaneerhat.png buccaneerchest.png
[Buccaneer Package] [Buccaneer Legs] [Buccaneer Hat] [Buccaneer Chest]

T'be addin' to the celebration, we be changin' your postcount ranking titles t'somethin' a wee bit more piratey. Journey well me hearties! Publishes Magician Gameplay Video

MMORPG-centric news site has published a Dragonica Online Magician gameplay video along with a write-up of the class. The article addresses the gameplay style of the Magician and its job class promotions. Here is a short passage:

The path of the Magician is a difficult and isolated journey and only those who truly love magic can master the intense discipline of sorcery. Magicians possess wisdom and knowledge beyond their years and enter the scared Magic Tower to learn the principles of magic arts. Magician's lack of physical strength is overshadowed by devastating spell casting and rejuvenating healer abilities.


Click here to be taken to the full article on!

100 Bonus ICE Cash Offer Ends Today!

Don't miss out on the Open Beta Test ICE Cash Bonus! Today is the last day to score an additional 100 ICE Cash when you purchase 2000 ICE Cash for $25. That's a total of 2100 ICE Cash! After 11:59 PM Pacific of September 16th passes, this offer will be no more so grab your bonus today.


Interested in learning more about ICE Cash? Check out our ICE Cash FAQ page.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekly In-Game O/X Quizzes Every Tuesday!

Dragonicans! Our tests are complete, your quizzes begin now!

Today's in-game O/X Quiz started our first regularly occurring event. Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern), players will have a series of five questions asked of them to which two answers will be provided, one bound to "O", the other to "X". The difficulty of the questions increases with each round and the number of participants remaining is revealed after each question. The subject matter of the questions ranges from general information to Dragonica Online trivia.

Interested in participating? Sign on to Dragonica Online before 5:00 PM Pacific on Tuesdays to be able to opt in to the O/X Quiz event when it begins. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of it starting.

Event: O/X Quiz
Details: Answer a series of trivia questions in-game to win [Gada Coin]s for use at Vending Machine NPCs.
Prize: 1x [Gada Coin] for at least one correct answer. 3x [Gada Coin]s for five correct answers. Infinite number of winners. Prizes are delivered via in-game mail after the event ends.
Schedule: Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern).

We'll be adding exciting new items for purchase from Vending Machine NPCs in the coming weeks so be sure to hoard those [Gada Coin]s!

Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt Contest Results

We have a winner! The voting for the "Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt" contest was very tight but one submission pulled ahead for the win. Congratulations to animelock for his winning design!

"Wounded Woodster Gallery" by animelock

This winning design will be created into a Dragonica Online t-shirt by our artists and made available for purchase from our website. In addition to the winner, all finalists will also receive this shirt to reward for their efforts!

We'll be sure to announce when you can personally equip this fine piece of cloth armor.

Dragonica Online v0.7.80 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
v0.7.80 Patch Notes

  • Dozens of text improvements and fixes to quests.
  • Added anti-botting function.
  • Improved profanity filter.

  • More than 50 new items have been added to the Cash Shop.
  • Cash Shop items [Vault Expansion] and [Enchantment Insurance Scroll] are no longer tradeable. This was an unintended function and has been removed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Missed Your [Helpful Gift Box]? Check Your Email!

For those Dragonicans who created characters before patch v0.7.74, the [Helpful Gift Box] items that you were to receive for completing the "Wolf Counter Attack" quest after finishing the tutorial have been reissued as a coupon code which can be redeemed at Event Coordinator Gatto.

Please check your email inbox for these coupons. They will be sent out this week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vote on the Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt Contest

More than 50 submissions were entered in the "Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt" contest and we have selected six finalists for Dragonicans to choose as the Dragonica Online t-shirt they would wear proudest of all. The finalists in alphabetical order are:

"Claws of Elga" by FlyingDeity

"Join the Fellowship" by pokity

"Rallying Warrior" by 3db3rg

"Rising Dragon" by figroti (Entry #1)

"Woodster Emblem" by ticktock (Entry #1)

"Wounded Woodster Gallery" by animelock

The winning design will be created into a Dragonica Online t-shirt so please be sure to view each submission link before voting. Remember that you're voting on the concept, not the execution.

Voting ends September 13th at 11:59 PM Pacific (2:59 AM Eastern)!

Choose well, Dragonicans!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First In-Game O/X Quiz!

Pop quiz, Dragonicans!

This afternoon, more than 1200 players participated in our first in-game O/X quiz. A series of five questions were asked to those who opted in upon being prompted at 4:00 PM Pacific to join. The difficulty increased with each question. Surprisingly, the first question, "how many legs does a cat have", knocked out 200 participants. A single correct answer warranted a single [Gada Coin] while five correct answers earned three [Gada Coin]s.

This was a test of the O/X quiz system. Future O/X quizzes will be announced in advance so keep checking the Contests and Events forum!

Thursday, September 3, 2009 Reviews Dragonica Online

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game news website has published a thorough review of Dragonica Online as experienced in our two-week-old Open Beta Test. The article touches on many key elements of the free-to-play title. Here is the "Reviewer's Opinion" passage:

It's cute, it's cuddly, it has sharp teeth. Dragonica is surprisingly fun if you enjoy fast paced side-scrollers and if you enjoy humor in your games. It's hard to identify with your avatar when your avatar has a body like an egg and you won't find immersion in Dragonica when you are blasting mobs with cannons and stinger missiles. The combat is fast paced with little down time. Mob respawn is fast and players can be easily overwhelmed if they are not careful, so there is challenge involved, especially with positioning since attacks are directional. It is very easy to learn and pick up and with it's appealing graphics, I can easily see kids taking to the game.

One bit of praise I must toss out. Bravo THQ*ICE for the excellent localization effort. The grammar is good, the language flows, the many spelling errors that we've come to expect in Asian games localized for the American market are not evident and there definitely isn't any "Engrish as she is spoke" to be found in Dragonica Online.

You can read the review in its entirety at by clicking here.

Dragonica Online v0.7.78 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
v0.7.78 Patch Notes

  • Dragonica Online's second continent awaits! Angrakka features dozens of new monsters, maps, and loot designed for character levels 40 to 60. More information on this new content can be found here.
  • Dozens of text fixes.

  • Eight new job classes are now available! Warriors have Paladins and Myrmidons, Magicians have Shamans and Warmages, Archers have Pathfinders and Grenadiers, and Thieves have Harlequins and Ninjas. In order to promote to these new classes, you must first defeat the Magma Drake Lavalon and be at least level 40. Once completed, talk to Pablo the Alchemist in the city of Libra and accept his quest titled "An Offer of Help".

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt

Woodsters drop apples, sheep drop wool, kobolds drop... a chance to win a Dragonica Online t-shirt? They will. The foul creatures that call the untamed lands of Dragonica home now hoard new treasures to claim as your own: raffle cards. These rare drops can be traded for character-enhancing items, exchanged for raffle cards with higher-value prizes, or kept for a chance to win some very special Dragonica Online loot. All manner of monster from all corners of Dragonica Online are capable of carrying these valuable items. Sharpen your blades, shine your staves, and string your bows, Dragonicans.

The Hunt begins September 3rd...

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt

Celebrate the launch of the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test with THQ*ICE and win awesome prizes in the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt! Log in everyday and participate in the first-ever Loot Hunt event that offers players in-game and real world prizes! Interested in participating? Sign up for the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt at the following link:

Sign Up for the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Here

Earn Loot Hunt Raffle Cards by hunting monsters. Collect these Raffle Cards to enter its prize drawing, upgrade them by trading up for higher-level Loot Hunt Raffle Cards, or redeem them for special Boost Balloon items that boost your stats. Players with Raffle Cards in their possession at the end of the event will be automatically entered into those Raffle Card prize drawings.

How to Win Prizes

In order to be entered for prize raffle drawings your character must have a Raffle Card in his/her possession at the end of the event period.

Where to Get Raffle Cards

So where can you find monsters that drop Raffle Cards?

There’s only one way to find out! Grab you sword, bow, claw or wand and start hunting. The World of Dragonica has lots of monsters and they have what you want!

While you will be able to find Raffle Cards throughout the world of Dragonica, the rarest cards will only drop in certain locations under certain circumstances…

What Do I Do Once I Get a Raffle Card?

During the Loot Hunt, players will find Raffle Cards that can be exchanged for special prizes. If you find a Raffle Card you have a few options:

1. Collect
Want to score awesome prizes? Keep all the Raffle Cards you find to be automatically entered into the prize drawing for the Raffle Card you found. Each Raffle Card you find is an entry so the more cards you find the higher your chances of winning will be. Be sure to read the official rules for Raffle Card limitations!

2. Upgrade
Want to battle your way to the top prize? Collect five (5) Raffle Cards of the same type and trade them to Event Organizer Gatto for one (1) Raffle Card of the next level prize. Example: Redeem five (5) [In-Game Prize Pack Raffle Cards] for one (1) [ICE Cash Raffle Card].

3. Redeem
Feel you have enough Raffle Cards? Redeem your Raffle Card for special Boost Balloon items that give a boost to your character’s statistics. The higher the prize level of the Raffle Card you redeem, the better the Boost Balloon’s bonuses! Note: Once a Raffle Card is redeemed for a Boost Balloon it is NOT eligible for the prize raffle. Boost Balloons character bonuses only apply during the Loot Hunt event.

When Do I Receive My Raffle Card?

Raffle Cards have a chance to drop after a monster has been defeated.


The Dragonica Online Loot Hunt begins September 3rd, 2009 at 5:00 AM Pacific until October 27th, 2009 11:59 PM Pacific.

You need to sign up for this event. You can do so by following this link:

Sign Up for the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Here

Real-world prizes can only be won by participants who reside in the North American continent due to sweepstakes law. Some states are excluded. Official rules can be found here.


We have six (6) awesome prizes with multiple winners and one (1) grand prize with one lucky winner!

Important: Be sure to keep your Raffle Cards. Only players with Raffle Cards at the end of the event (October 27th, 2009 11:59 PM Pacific) will be included in prize drawings.

  • In-Game Prize Pack
    • Goodie bag of in-game items.

  • ICE Cash
    • Make your way to the Cash Shop and purchase items with 200 ICE Cash.

  • Dragonica Online T-Shirt
    • T-shirt design based on the winning entry of the “Craft A T-Shirt” contest.

  • Dragonica Online Wall Scroll
    • Exclusive Dragonica Online wall scrolls: Gladiator, Priest, Thief and Archer.

  • Dragonica Online Skinned 8GB iPod Touch Video and Music Player
    • Dragonica Online skinned portable entertainment player in the palm of your hands.

  • Dragonica Online Skinned Laptop
    • Dragonica Online skinned laptops.

In addition, one lucky player will be our grand prize winner!
  • Trip to Korea to meet the developer of Dragonica Online, Barunson Interactive!
    • Trip for two (2) to Seoul, Korea to meet the Dragonica Online development team.

We hope you’re as excited as we are and we look forward to seeing you in game.

Boost Balloons

So maybe you feel like you have enough Raffle Cards? If this is the case, Boost Balloons are the way to go.

During the Loot Hunt, you can redeem your Raffle Cards to Event Organizer Gatto for Boost Balloons. Boost Balloons are special items that give a bonus to your characters’ statistics when equipped. Each Boost Balloon has a level restriction and the bonus for each improves as you receive higher level Boost Balloons.

Note: Once a Raffle Card is redeemed for a Boost Balloon it is NOT eligible for the prize raffle. Boost Balloons have minimum level requirements. Boost Balloons can be used for the duration of the event.

1x [In-Game Prize Pack Raffle Card] = 1x [In-Game Prize Pack Boost Balloon]

Prize Level Table

Below is the prize level table so you can plan your Upgrade strategy:

Level: 1
Raffle Card: [In-Game Prize Pack Raffle Card]
Prize Item: In-Game Prize Pack
Balloon Name: [In-Game Prize Pack Boost Balloon]

Level: 2
Raffle Card: [ICE Cash Raffle Card]
Prize Item: ICE Cash
Balloon Name: [ICE Cash Boost Balloon]

Level: 3
Raffle Card: [T-Shirt Raffle Card]
Prize Item: T-Shirt
Balloon Name: [T-Shirt Boost Balloon]

Level: 4
Raffle Card: [Wall Scroll Raffle Card]
Prize Item: Wall Scroll
Balloon Name: [Wall Scroll Boost Balloon]

Level: 5
Raffle Card: [Media Player Raffle Card]
Prize Item: Dragonica Online Skinned 8GB iPod Touch Video and Music Player
Balloon Name: [Media Player Boost Balloon]

Level: 6
Raffle Card: [Laptop Raffle Card]
Prize Item: Dragonica Online Skinned Laptop
Balloon Name: [Laptop Boost Balloon]

Level: 7
Raffle Card: [Trip to Korea Raffle Card]
Prize Item: Trip to Korea
Balloon Name: [Trip to Korea Boost Balloon]

5x [T-Shirt Raffle Card] = 1x [Wall Scroll Raffle Card]

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Summary

Event: Dragonica Online Loot Hunt
Details: Earn Loot Hunt Raffle Cards by hunting monsters. Collect these Raffle Card to enter its drawing, upgrade them to trade up for higher level Loot Hunt Raffle Cards, or redeem them for special bonus items to boost your stats. Players with raffle cards in their possession at the end of the event will be automatically entered into the drawing. You need to sign up for this event. Sign Up for the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Here.
Rules: Official contest rules can be found here.
Duration: Starts September 3rd and ends October 27th.
prizepack.jpg - In-Game Prize Packs
icecash.jpg - ICE Cash
tshirtk.jpg - Dragonica Online T-Shirts
wallscrolls.jpg - Dragonica Online Wall Scrolls
ipodtouch.png - Dragonica Online Skinned 8GB iPod Touch Video and Music Player
laptop.png - Dragonica Online Skinned Laptop
plane.png - Trip for Two to Korea to Meet Barunson Interactive

Happy hunting, Dragonicans!