Friday, August 21, 2009

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt Teaser

Woodsters drop apples, sheep drop wool, kobolds drop... a chance to win a Dragonica Online t-shirt? They will. The foul creatures that call the untamed lands of Dragonica home now hoard new treasures to claim as your own: raffle cards. These rare drops can be traded for character-enhancing items, exchanged for raffle cards with higher-value prizes, or kept for a chance to win some very special Dragonica Online loot. All manner of monster from all corners of Dragonica Online are capable of carrying these valuable items. Sharpen your blades, shine your staves, and string your bows, Dragonicans. The Hunt is coming…

Dragonica Online Loot Hunt

To celebrate the launch of the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test, THQ*ICE is hosting the first-ever Loot Hunt event that offers players awesome in-game and real world prizes!

Event: Dragonica Online Loot Hunt
Details: Earn Loot Hunt raffle cards by hunting monsters. Hang on to these cards to enter a random drawing, collect them to trade up for high level Loot Hunt raffle cards, or exchange them for special bonus items to boost your stats. Players with raffle cards in their possession at the end of the event will be automatically entered into the drawing.
Duration: Early September
icecash.jpg - ICE Cash
prizepack.jpg - In-Game Prize Packs
wallscrolls.jpg - Dragonica Online Wall Scrolls
tshirtk.jpg - Dragonica Online T-Shirts
- And much, much more!

Stay tuned for more details and premium prize announcements!