Thursday, August 20, 2009

Official Dragonica Online Forum Postcount Rankings Implemented

We asked, you answered! Dragonicans made their preferred selection in our "THQ*ICE Asks" thread asking what postcount ranking theme we should apply to the official Dragonica Online forums. The result was resounding: more than 50% of the votes were in favor of "dragonkin".

Here is the new postcount rank schedule:

  • 0 Posts: Unhatched Egg
  • 10 Posts: Lizard Hatchling
  • 25 Posts: Monitor Lizard
  • 50 Posts: Young Whelp
  • 75 Posts: Whelp
  • 100 Posts: Young Drake
  • 150 Posts: Drake
  • 200 Posts: Young Wyvern
  • 300 Posts: Wyvern
  • 500 Posts: Young Dragon
  • 1000 Posts: Dragon
  • 1500 Posts: Young Wyrm
  • 2000 Posts: Wyrm
  • 3000 Posts: Great Wyrm
  • ...

This schedule will be updated as the forum grows. Yes, there are ranks beyond Great Wyrm. No, we will not reveal them until someone achieves them.

If you have suggestions or comments on this postcount rank schedule, feel free to make them in this forum thread.