Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guess the Open Beta Test Start Date Contest Results

Here are the results of the Guess the Open Beta Test Start Date contest! The lucky guessers, chosen at random, are blademyth, mrblack, mult5354, and rubra00.

Congratulations, winners! You will be contacted via email so we can deliver your Dragonica Online wall scrolls to you. You will each receive one of the following at random:

3794026400_9a6280efe3_m.jpg 3794026180_3612a63b23_m.jpg 3793208231_0ce003248b_m.jpg 3793207999_3d32c9c108_m.jpg

The Open Beta Test has just begun and we have many new and exciting events for you to participate in. Check the Contests and Events forum for the latest!