Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MMORPG.com Previews Dragonica Online at Comic-Con 2009

MMORPG-centric news website MMORPG.com has published their preview of Dragonica Online as experienced at Comic-Con 2009 last month. This lengthy article covers a wide range of subjects including basics, gameplay, monetization, player versus player, and other game features. Here's a snippet:

Players in Dragonica will find the usual four generic fantasy classes; Warrior, Mage, Archer & Thief. At level 20, players choose a specialization, and at further levels, attain new titles and skills. In a mixture of combat and questing, players have 60 levels to attain at launch, unlocking hidden skills and combos with amusing animation effects. I had hands on play with a high level archer, firing off what looked like stinger missiles, deploying robot tanks and an AE nuke with fiery destruction raining from above while my character stood and saluted.
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