Monday, October 19, 2009

Nights of Fright

The days grow dark in the world of Dragonica. A bitter wind sweeps through the towns of El Grego and Angrakka. The sky is cold and dim. This foreboding atmosphere is harbinger to what's soon to come.

Terrible creatures have been seen along the edge of the deep woods. They skulk and lurk and lie in wait for easy prey. Villages threatened by these unspeakable beasts have started to change. The people have taken to decorating themselves as horrible monsters, covering their homes in bizarre lights, and carving crops into distorted visages.

A macabre festival environment fills the air as the Nights of Fright are upon us!

Event: Nights of Fright
Details: Dragonica Online celebrates October with two weeks of creepy costumes, spooky surprises, and marauding monsters!
Duration: October 20th until October 31st

Click here for more information about this holiday event! This is no trick, Dragonicans: you're in for a treat!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Emporia War Has Begun!

Emporia War
Guild-Versus-Guild Combat on an Epic Scale

Do you wish to test your mettle against challenging new foes? To take on enemies in such quantities that the ground quakes as they charge? To prove you and your allies victorious in a grand theater of battle? Enter the Emporia War, an arena for guilds of the powerful to settle old scores and establish new rivalries. This guild-versus-guild battleground pits a maximum of twenty-five guild members on either side against each other. After the dust of fifty heroes locked in combat settles and a winner is decided, the champions lay claim to Emporia, a private city and the guild's prize for their triumph. However, the champion guild can be challenged by clans looking to claim the city for themselves. Every week, the gauntlet will be thrown down and the Emporia War will commence!

Platforms and Pagodas
Emporia War introduces two new environments. The fight takes place in a fog-covered courtyard shrouded in night and dimly lit by a full, pale moon. Mind your step as the cobblestones are slick with moss and rocky cliffs edge the many platforms of this ancient battlefield which mysteriously floats above darkened clouds. Guilds would be wise to study the map's layout to maximize tactical advantages and devise plans of attack. Traverse bridges and hyperjumps to reach the Sub Cores, winged dragons made of rock clutching glowing spheres. Reach the center platform to find the Main Cores, huge stone drake sculptures mounted upon large globes.

Should you succeed against all opponents, your guild will gain access to the city of Emporia. In stark contrast with the battlefield's moonlit platforms, Emporia itself is bathed in light. At its center stands a giant colorful pagoda ringed by mist and floating lotus blossoms. Here, you and your guild can meet privately and plan how to defend your hold on this unique prize.

A New Challenger Approaches!
Emporia War is held every Thursday at 7:00 PM Pacific, allowing guilds to challenge the guild currently occupying Emporia city. The challenger guild is determined by a bidding system. Guilds who seek to fight the guild currently occupying Emporia city can bid Guild Experience by clicking the Community button in the lower-right corner of the game and then clicking the Emporia button in the Community window. Only guild leaders can bid guild experience and thereby submit the guild to the Emporia War. Guild experience is gained from daily (repeatable) guild quests granted by NPC Donny who is found in all towns.

The challenge (bidding) period begins Tuesday, 48 hours before the battle commences, and ends 24 hours later. This grants the challenger guild and defending champion guild a full day to marshal their forces and prepare for battle. The guild that bids the most guild experience is named the challenger guild. All other guilds lose the guild experience that was bid. The defending champions guild does not lose any guild experience regardless of the outcome.

How to Wage Emporia War
When the game's clock strikes 7:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, the Emporia War commences. The challenger and defending champion guilds are able to invite new members before the battle but not during it. There is a maximum of 25 participating characters per guild making for a total of 50 combatants. Participants are able to join 30 minutes prior to the start of the fight but cannot commence combat. A countdown appears to signal the time remaining until the start of Emporia War at which point the map resets to allow for player-versus-player combat.

Emporia War lasts for 30 minutes. To win the Emporia War, you must destroy the opposing guild's Main Core first or obtain a greater score than the opposing guild within the time limit.

Points are granted for killing the opposing guild's members and destroying Sub Cores. Enemy characters level 54 or below earns your guild 3 points per kill while enemy characters level 55 or above are worth 5 points per kill. Destroying an enemy Sub Core earns your guild 100 points. Every ten seconds, all dead characters respawn and can continue to fight. A respawn clock can be seen in the center of the screen.

The opposing guild's Main Core is the primary target. As the Main Core is damaged, the crystals they hold will appear damaged as well. Sub Cores periodically restore the Main Core's health. The more Sub Cores there are, the more health the Main Core gains. To destroy the Main Core faster, you should destroy the Sub Cores first. The first guild to destroy their opponent's Main Core wins the match regardless of the score.

Round One... FIGHT!
Want to know more about Emporia War? Although resurrection and teleportation items don't work during battle, healing items do work during battle. There is only one Emporia War for all server channels, you do not need to be in any specific channel to travel to the battle as it is a single instance. When an Emporia War ends, a most valuable player from the winning guild is noted in the resulting scoreboard. All members of that guild can travel to Emporia city immediately.

And, perhaps the most interesting extra tidbit to offer, the very first Emporia War will commence this Thursday October 15th at 7:00 PM Pacific and the guild that wins the bidding phase will be facing off against a guild of THQ*ICE employees named ICETEAM! We look forward to facing off against the bold clan of heroes that dares challenge our hold on Emporia!

Emporia War, the new guild-versus-guild combat arena designed for a maximum of 50 characters, opens with Dragonica Online v1.0.0, arriving October 13th! Click here for more information. Until then, enjoy the two new wallpapers found in this thread! Click on the images for full size.

Battle on, Dragonicans!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Evil Stirs in Kundaran Dungeon!

Kundaran Dungeon
Home of Mutisha the Necromancer and Aram the Golem

Brave heroes, hearken unto me! The forces of evil have gained a new foothold in the land of Angrakka, the continent of chaos. Deep in the twisted wilds of the Sanctuary of the Gods lies Kundaran Dungeon, a labyrinth of stone corridors and mossy walls. The hulking guardians of these forgotten halls are made of living rock and sinewy vegetation and are bound by a dark magic. The malevolent monster Mutisha the Necromancer has corrupted the land and now controls Aram, an ancient golem crafted by the mist elves to fight the dragons of old. Should you still have your courage, venture forth into the depths of the jungle and seek out Kundaran Dungeon to free Aram from the grip of evil!

The Path to Kundaran Dungeon
Preparation is the key when taking on an adventure of this scale. The quests you take on in the Sanctuary of the Gods will not only harden you but will also reveal more about the mysterious Mutisha, the secretive mist elves, and the origin of Aram. Travel from the oasis of Portobello Village to Pinecone Hills to begin your journey to Mutisha's lair. Accept the Hero Quests you find and complete them to be introduced to Hel Krouzer, a temperamental mist elf. After convincing him and gaining his favor, he will grant you access to Kundaran Dungeon and reward you for successfully destroying Mutisha and deactivating Aram.

Beasts of Flesh and Stone, Rock and Bone
The creatures that call Kundaran Dungeon home are a challenge for even the hardiest of champions. These crumbling halls are densely populated with overgrown fauna such as stinger-brandishing Firefly Sentinels, leaping Kong Frogs, and four-legged, heavily armed Kentar. Travel deeper into the ruins and you'll find enemies hewn from the very living rock. Stone barricades give way to reveal golems, totems, and flying fetishes born of raw earth and given life by Mutisha's dark magical influence. If the dangerous denizens of this corrupted land weren't enough challenege, heroes should also mind their footing here as the walls and floors are laden with all manner of deadly traps. Only the foolhardy fail to look before they leap and you will be leaping often during your descent to the heart of Kundaran Dungeon.

Mutisha the Necromancer
Should you find your way to the very core of Kundaran Dungeon, you will face off with not only Mutisha the Necromancer but the towering golem Aram as well. Mutisha's arsenal of spells includes pulsing energy spheres that track the living, dark meteors, magic-infused boulder novas, the ability to summon stone golems from the surrounding rock cavern, and the power to activate Aram. Controlled by the vile conjurer, Aram awakens at his new dark master's command to unleash pain of gigantic proportions. The golem's attacks are devastating, ranging from slams and sweeps of his enormous arms to stalactite showers and stalagmite spikes. Immune to damage, Aram will only cease his offensive when you slay Mutisha. However, this is no simple task as Mutisha will teleport to dodge your attacks and punish your impudence with pain.

Do You Dare Enter?
Should you succeed, the rewards will be epic. Powerful and finely-crafted weapons can be made of the relics sourced from Aram. Should you fail, your bones will decorate the rotting dungeon walls to serve as a warning to hapless adventurers who follow in your final footsteps. Will you prevail? Be warned, Mutisha is eager to conscript new corpses to join his unliving army.

The path to Kundaran Dungeon, a new instance designed for characters level 50 and above, opens with Dragonica Online v1.0.0, arriving October 13th! Click here for more information. Until then, enjoy the two new wallpapers found in this thread! Click on the images for full size.

Journey well, Dragonicans!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dragonica Online Grand Opening: October 15th


Regardless of whether you started playing during our Alpha Test, Preview Beta Test, Closed Beta Test, or Open Beta Test, your journey to the world of dragons has reached a new milestone. Dragonica Online will be ending its Open Beta Test with its Grand Opening on Thursday October 15th, 2009. To celebrate this momentous event, a bevy of new content, events, contests, and more will be released throughout the next two weeks leading up to a certain holiday event. Read on for a summary of the celebrations!

Kundaran Dungeon
Dragonica Online's third dungeon opens next week! Hidden deep in the Sanctuary of the Gods, this instance is designed for characters level 50 and up.

Emporia War
Guild versus guild combat comes to Dragonica Online! A maximum of 50 characters will duke it out weekly to claim Emporia for their guild.

On Guard for Game Cards
Log in every day for a week starting with Grand Opening day to be eligible to win a $10 Dragonica Online Game Card!

Safety First
To encourage safe adventuring, all characters will be receiving 5x [Safety Foam] via in-game mail to keep them... safe!

Around the World in 80 Hours
Scout the land of Dragonica, travelling across the world of dragons to explore distant lands and document them visually for a chance to win prizes!

Dragonica Online Black Market
Gold burning a hole in your pocket? Shop for special rare weapons and accessories when we turn our in-game Open Market to the Dragonica Online Black Market. This event is for a limited time because these items are hot!

Increased Gold Amount and Drop Rate
If the Black Market prices are too high for you, monsters all over Dragonica will be carrying extra gold on them and have a higher chance of dropping gold.

Increased Experience Gain Rate
Padding your coin purse not enough? We’re also increasing the rate of experience gain during the Grand Opening weekend!

New Cash Shop Items
Skeletons, pumpkin heads, and coffins are lurking around the corner, bringing many spooky surprises to Dragonica Online. Some have already started appearing in the Cash Shop and more items are on the way. Scared of the dark? Get in the spirit of the season with these ghastly costumes. Dressing up as one of the creatures of the night may fool them into thinking you’re one of them.

Haunted Holiday on the Horizon
Reports of frightening changes to towns that were once bright and happy have been flooding in from distant lands. Could it be a trick? What treat is in store for the villages of Dragonica? Keep tabs on the official forums to make sure you don’t end up in the dark!

The Loot Hunt Ends Soon!
As the lands of Dragonica fill with the spirit of the season, the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt enters its final days! With the gameplay bonuses during Grand Opening weekend, this is a great time to find Loot Hunt Raffle Cards. Hurry to earn more chances to win during the last two weeks of the Loot Hunt and get ready for some haunting fun!

Full details of each of these Grand Opening events will be published early next week! Looking for something to tide you over until then? See if you can find Poporing in the Grand Opening image at the top of this post!

Thursday, October 8, 2009 Interviews THQ*ICE

Five questions about Dragonica Online were asked and answered in an interview an representative had with Product Manager Ben Serviss. Here is a quote from the full interview: What future updates are planned for Dragonica? Are there any that can't be found in the other versions?

THQ*ICE: The development team is constantly working on new content to expand the game – new maps, features, rare items, monsters; there’s a lot of really exciting content on the way. More exclusive content for the US audience is in the works as well – we recently held our inaugural in-game celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was a huge success!

To make our cash shop items more accessible to players, we’re launching Game Cards in retail stores early October. It’s an exciting time for our team and we hope players get excited as well.
Click here to read the full interview on

Thursday, October 1, 2009

CTRL ALT Complete!

Your bold and brawny hero may have long ago promoted to its second job class but what of the lowly bank alt you created when your bags filled beyond capacity? Yes, you know who we're talking about. The wee, eager archer who rescued fleeing townspeople from marauding wolves yet was never heard from again? The tiny, brave warrior who marched into Honor's Path but never marched out of it? How about the young, bright-eyed magician you ran all the way to Port of the Winds for the sole purpose of vaulting mailed runoff from your main? Well, it's time to give them some much-needed attention and appreciation! It's time to ALT+TAB from your main and CTRL ALT Complete your alternate characters - this event is for them!

CTRL ALT Complete!

Play one of your characters to level 20 or level 40 and complete either your first or second job class promotion to earn a pile of restorative downtime-reducing items for it! Although this event is geared towards characters other than your main, it is not exclusive to alternative characters.

Event: CTRL ALT Complete!
Details: Promote a character to a new higher job class. This character can be an alt, your main, or newly created. Job class promotions occur at levels 20 and 40. This event can only be completed once per THQ*ICE Passport account and only by the first character on that account to do so.
Prize: 1x [Woodster Chair] (100 charges), 5x [Common Health Curative], and 5x [Common Mana Curative]. Prizes can be redeemed in-game from Event Organizer Gatto after completion of the above requirement. See the resulting in-game mail for details.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, October 6th at 6:00 AM Pacific and ends Monday, October 12th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Arm your alts with these restoratives while supplies last, Dragonicans! Check out the event forum thread here.