Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dragonica Online v0.7.74 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
v0.7.74 Patch Notes

  • [Helpful Gift] items have been fixed and will be given to players who complete the "Wolf Counter Attack" quest. We will address reissuing of this item.
  • Dozens of text fixes in the quest dialogue.
  • Improvements to the profanity filter.
  • Updated character creation cinematic.

  • Fixed an animation issue with the Launch Grenade skill.
  • Fixed an animation issue related to repeatedly hitting the C key.

  • Dozens of text fixes to the user interface.
  • In-game mail no longer erroneously displays other in-game mail's contents.

  • Vendor NPCs no longer behave like Vending Machine NPCs.
  • Item crafting can no longer be performed while your character is dead.

  • Removed ICE Cash sale option from Open Market. It was not an intended function.
  • Item levels now display properly in the stock management window.

  • Teleport cards can no longer be used while your character is dead.
  • Fixed tooltips related to the Item Vault.

Player vs. Player
  • PvP Lobby text areas increased to allow more letters.