Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THQ*ICE Asks: What Forum Postcount Ranking Theme Would YOU Like?

Dragonicans who have been with us for a while know full well that we here at THQ*ICE like community input quite a bit. After all, the collective name "Dragonicans" was decided on by the community for the community! In continuing that tradition, we'd like to open up a discussion with you all about what theme you'd like your postcount rankings to have. These are the titles that currently read "Junior Member", "Member", and "Senior Member" based on the user's number of posts.

In this forum poll thread you'll find a selection of options. Vote for the one you'd want to see implemented. Bear in mind that we're going to take the overall community opinion into account but final decision will rest with THQ*ICE as to how to name the ranks.