Monday, August 31, 2009

Second Continent Angrakka Awaits!

The Continent of Chaos


Since beginning your journey to the world of dragons, the adventures presented to you have guided your exploration of Dragonica's southwestern continent, El Grego. You have survived arduous battles and served as champion for the forces of good in this land. Despite your many triumphs, dark rumors told between clenched teeth speak of an untamed territory where evil has rooted itself, defying your efforts. The land of Angrakka, the continent of chaos, beckons you to its shores. Will you follow? Will you overcome?

The Path to Angrakka

Angrakka, the southeastern land mass of Dragonica, is separated from its sister continent, El Grego, by molten rock and putrid swamps. Symbolic of the chaotic nature of Angrakka, these rotting lands are teeming with all manner of creatures who seek to make your first steps in their continent your last. If your courage implores you to press on, travel past the Lava Rock Fields and Molten Raeth to arrive in the city of Libra. Here you are apt to find many hapless adventurers too timid to proceed. Beyond this last bastion of sanctuary lies the Dried Woods Swamp, entrance to the greater Smoldering Swamp, a labyrinth of dying vegetation populated by unseemly monsters. Now your Angrakkan adventure truly begins.

New Angrakkan Towns

Should you survive long enough, you may stumble upon the oasis of Portobello Village near overgrown Sanctuary of the Gods or find harborage in Camp Ellora beyond the crystalline Frigid Canyon. With the uncharted maps of Angrakka being home to murderous creatures between levels 40 and 60, these shelters will be a welcome respite. You may also find lost vendors and wandering merchants willing to engage in commerce on the battlefield.

New Job Class Promotions

While exploring the perilous lands of Angrakka, heroes have discovered new disciplines to practice and master. Warriors have honed their abilities to become pious Paladins or brutal Myrmidons. Magicians have channeled their craft to elevate to wholesome Shamans or destructive Warmages. Archers have developed their skills to graduate to crafty Pathfinders or powerful Grenadiers. Thieves have evolved their techniques to become manipulative Harlequins or tricky Ninjas. In order to promote to these new classes, you must first defeat the Magma Drake Lavalon and be at least level 40. Once you have completed these feats, talk to Pablo the Alchemist in the city of Libra and accept his quest titled "An Offer of Help".

Your Journey Continues in Angrakka

So, brave heroes, journey forth into the continent of chaos and take on the challenge to dispel evil from the land of Angrakka. While you traverse the swampland, you will face fearsome new monsters such as man-sized, wasp-like Firefly Sentinels, reptilian Webfoots wielding polearms, and half-man, half-beast Kentar. As you enter the frozen wastes of to the north, icy Kong Frogs, towering Yeti, and mischievous Spore Fairies will stalk your every step. Be on your guard! Your journey to the world of dragons has just begun!

The path to Angrakka opens with Dragonica Online v0.7.78, arriving September 3rd! Click here for the Server Status forum thread. Journey well, Dragonicans!