Friday, August 7, 2009

Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt Contest

Weapon isn’t cutting it? Enhance it using enchanting!
Armor losing its sheen? Improve it using soulcrafting!
Character need a pick-me-up? Feed it using cooking!
Shirt lacking Dragonican fashion? READ ON!

Dragonica Online offers a range of crafting systems to improve your character and your equipment but what about your own wardrobe? Enter the “Craft A T-Shirt” contest! Read on for more information.

Craft A T-Shirt Contest

Skill up your crafting skill by creating the front or back of a new Dragonica Online t-shirt! One side will feature the Dragonica Online logo and the THQ*ICE logo will be on one sleeve. Entries are welcome to utilize the Dragonica Online images available via our official Flickr page but do not have to use these assets. Apply your knowledge of the game and the world of Dragonica to craft a t-shirt design that is clever, funny, bold, iconic, or all of the above! Your choice of content and drawing medium is unlimited but contest entries do need to be submitted in a digital format.

For more details, visit the contest forum thread!