Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test Nears!

The first beta phase of Dragonica Online is upon us!

In just a few short weeks the portal to Windia will open and Dragonica Online community members will begin their journey to the world of dragons. Starting late May in advance of our Closed Beta Test (CBT), these Preview Beta Test (PBT) pioneers will be an expeditionary force, not only exploring the many features Dragonica Online has to offer but also providing valuable feedback on game elements via our official forums. As there will be no non-disclosure agreement (NDA), participants will be free to report their findings and adventures to their fellow community members in all forms: text, screenshots, even video.

Want an early invite to Dragonica Online? You’re not too late! Sign up for a free THQ*ICE Passport ID to register for the official Dragonica Online forums for a chance to participate in the PBT. Looking to improve your chances? Check out the Dragonica Conquest contest series where all winners will be granted a guaranteed invite to PBT in addition to kingly prize packs of in-game items!

Although the THQ*ICE Dragonica Online server is localized for North America, the PBT will be open to all invited users. While this open access will end at the start of our Open Beta Test (OBT), it may continue through our much larger CBT. All Dragonica Online fans everywhere are welcome and encouraged to participate on our forums beyond OBT.

Excited? We sure are! Celebrate the unveiling of Dragonica Online’s first beta phase with your community at the official forums here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Players Gather to Name Themselves

"What's in a name," a protagonist named Juliet once asked in a play by a certain bard you're probably familiar with. She goes on to claim that a name is cosmetic, superficial. That may very well be but a name can be much more. A name can identify and iconify. Classify and codify. A name can unify.

On the official Dragonica Online forums this week, the grassroots community is coming together to vote on its collective name, the term that will define them, one and all. Two names have been provided for consideration, Dragonicans and Dragonians, but forum members are welcome to propose their own suggestions.

Want a hand in this momentous decision? Navigate your browser over here to create your free THQ*ICE Passport ID and start participating on the forums with your fellow Dragonicans, Dragonians, Dragonfolkpeople... you decide!

Click here to be taken to the poll and discussion taking place on the forums!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Dragonica Conquest Has Begun!

The Dragonica Conquest marks the start of a series of community events designed to promote community spirit, creativity and camaraderie. Specifically, the Dragonica Conquest is a series of Dragonica Online forum contests where community members can win special prizes and show off their creative talent. Even better, you’ll have the chance to have your work represent Dragonica Online all over the world (and by world we mean World Wide Web)!

Dragonica Conquest Part I of III

What better way to kick off the first Dragonica Conquest than with the first official contest on the Dragonica Online forums! To start the festivities, we’re announcing the Dragonica Online forum signature picture tutorial contest. Share your knowledge of creating original and creative signature pictures with the community in any way you see fit. Your instructions can be concise, colorful, even comedic: the choice is yours!

Not knowledgeable in the realm of image manipulation? You get a part in this too! Two weeks from today we’ll post selected submissions in a public forum poll for community members to vote which is their favorite.

Full details can be found on the official forums here! Best of luck to all participants!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Step Through the Portal

Salutations and congratulations, heroes!

Each and every one of you reading this inaugural blog post have just taken your first step towards what will no doubt be a journey of epic proportions in the world of Dragonica Online. I am known as Scapes and I will serve as your Community Lead and humble guide in all things Dragonica. To begin, allow me to present the Windia Portal, the official Dragonica Online blog for North America! This site will be a prime resource for finding out the latest happenings directly from the THQ*ICE team. Engaging features, inventive contests, fun events, and news as it happens will all be published here by yours truly and my fellow THQ*ICE team members.

Interested in getting involved in the Dragonica Online grassroots community? Excellent! Dedicated fans such as yourself are already congregating on our official forums and new members are always welcome! Posting your feedback and suggestions there will help us hone Dragonica Online into the best MMORPG it can be. You can also follow, friend, and buddy us on social network sites including Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace and browse Dragonica Online screenshots, concept art, and videos on multimedia sharing sites YouTube and Flickr. Over the course of the next few weeks these outlets are going to come alive and you’ll get to say you were there at the beginning of it all!

You’ve taken the first exciting step through the Windia Portal and arrived at the perfect time to make the Dragonica Online community YOUR community. Your journey to the world of dragons has just begun!
-- Scapes
Dragonica Online Community Lead

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