Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Zero Launch Successful! Welcome to Day One and Beyond!

At precisely 2:00 PM Pacific on August 18th, the Dragonica Online Open Beta Test launched. Thousands of eager Dragonicans poured into the servers to begin their journey to the world of dragons. The launch was smooth and the service was constant. We here at THQ*ICE would like to share our sincere thanks with you, the players, for your part in making our first Open Beta Test launch so remarkably successful.

That said, we are aware of a handful of issues ranging from case-by-case login problems to undelivered event rewards to known issues with version 0.7.70 of the game and are working to solve these. Please continue to help us improve Dragonica Online by posting in the Technical Support, Bug Reports, and Suggestions forums located in the Hospital Ward category. Your written input and experiences will aid not only yourself but your fellow Dragonicans.

This is just the beginning, Dragonicans! We have events, contests, game updates, Cash Shop additions, and lots more planned. Welcome to the start of your journey with us!

Journey well!