Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TenTonHammer.com Interviews THQ*ICE's Ben Serviss

Massively multiplayer online game news site TenTonHammer.com has published a lengthy interview with THQ*ICE's Ben Serviss, Product Manager for Dragonica Online. The questions asked pertain to our Open Beta Test, gameplay, upcoming content, and more. Here's a snippet to get you started:
Ten Ton Hammer: You’ve spent a lot of time localizing Dragonica Online for North America. What would you consider to be the biggest changes that you implemented compared to how the game plays in Asia?

Ben Serviss: The first thing you’ll notice is the text. Well actually, you won’t notice it because we think we did a pretty solid job of making sure that everything in game makes as much sense as it should to players here. In some of the games you’ll play, maybe they’ll have focused more on graphics on the technical side but we really wanted to make sure that our first impression is positive and that people can play the game and not think that this just got off the boat but is a game that was developed, made and crafted specifically for an American audience.

Even more importantly than that is how the experience could work. When we first looked at the game being developed in Korea, there was a focus on grinding through levels and doing a lot of repetitive tasks so we wanted to take everything that was great about this game and remove some of the burden on the player. What we’ve managed to do is adjust the curve enough so that you are not pressured to do the same thing over and over. It’s okay to explore at a pace that you find fun.

To read full interview on TenTonHammer.com, click here.