Thursday, October 1, 2009

CTRL ALT Complete!

Your bold and brawny hero may have long ago promoted to its second job class but what of the lowly bank alt you created when your bags filled beyond capacity? Yes, you know who we're talking about. The wee, eager archer who rescued fleeing townspeople from marauding wolves yet was never heard from again? The tiny, brave warrior who marched into Honor's Path but never marched out of it? How about the young, bright-eyed magician you ran all the way to Port of the Winds for the sole purpose of vaulting mailed runoff from your main? Well, it's time to give them some much-needed attention and appreciation! It's time to ALT+TAB from your main and CTRL ALT Complete your alternate characters - this event is for them!

CTRL ALT Complete!

Play one of your characters to level 20 or level 40 and complete either your first or second job class promotion to earn a pile of restorative downtime-reducing items for it! Although this event is geared towards characters other than your main, it is not exclusive to alternative characters.

Event: CTRL ALT Complete!
Details: Promote a character to a new higher job class. This character can be an alt, your main, or newly created. Job class promotions occur at levels 20 and 40. This event can only be completed once per THQ*ICE Passport account and only by the first character on that account to do so.
Prize: 1x [Woodster Chair] (100 charges), 5x [Common Health Curative], and 5x [Common Mana Curative]. Prizes can be redeemed in-game from Event Organizer Gatto after completion of the above requirement. See the resulting in-game mail for details.
Duration: Starts Tuesday, October 6th at 6:00 AM Pacific and ends Monday, October 12th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Arm your alts with these restoratives while supplies last, Dragonicans! Check out the event forum thread here.