Monday, September 28, 2009

New Cash Shop Items Incoming!

After tomorrow morning's weekly maintenance, the Dragonica Online Cash Shop will be populated with new cosmetic equipment for purchase! Here is a listing of the new selections:

pilotpackagemale.png pilotpackagefemale.png
[Pilot Package]

martialartsyellowpackag.png martialartsyellowpackag.png
[Martial Art Package]

martialartsblackpackage.png martialartsblackpackage.png
[Martial Art Package (Black)]

martialartsredpackagema.png martialartsredpackagefe.png
[Martial Art Package (Red)]

sharkhat.png octopushat.png
[Shark Hat] [Octopus Hat]

ribbitgloves.png moogloves.png cactuspunch.png
[Ribbit Gloves] [Moo Gloves] [Cactus Punch]

[Elephant Nose]
Enjoy, Dragonicans!