Friday, October 9, 2009

Dragonica Online Grand Opening: October 15th


Regardless of whether you started playing during our Alpha Test, Preview Beta Test, Closed Beta Test, or Open Beta Test, your journey to the world of dragons has reached a new milestone. Dragonica Online will be ending its Open Beta Test with its Grand Opening on Thursday October 15th, 2009. To celebrate this momentous event, a bevy of new content, events, contests, and more will be released throughout the next two weeks leading up to a certain holiday event. Read on for a summary of the celebrations!

Kundaran Dungeon
Dragonica Online's third dungeon opens next week! Hidden deep in the Sanctuary of the Gods, this instance is designed for characters level 50 and up.

Emporia War
Guild versus guild combat comes to Dragonica Online! A maximum of 50 characters will duke it out weekly to claim Emporia for their guild.

On Guard for Game Cards
Log in every day for a week starting with Grand Opening day to be eligible to win a $10 Dragonica Online Game Card!

Safety First
To encourage safe adventuring, all characters will be receiving 5x [Safety Foam] via in-game mail to keep them... safe!

Around the World in 80 Hours
Scout the land of Dragonica, travelling across the world of dragons to explore distant lands and document them visually for a chance to win prizes!

Dragonica Online Black Market
Gold burning a hole in your pocket? Shop for special rare weapons and accessories when we turn our in-game Open Market to the Dragonica Online Black Market. This event is for a limited time because these items are hot!

Increased Gold Amount and Drop Rate
If the Black Market prices are too high for you, monsters all over Dragonica will be carrying extra gold on them and have a higher chance of dropping gold.

Increased Experience Gain Rate
Padding your coin purse not enough? We’re also increasing the rate of experience gain during the Grand Opening weekend!

New Cash Shop Items
Skeletons, pumpkin heads, and coffins are lurking around the corner, bringing many spooky surprises to Dragonica Online. Some have already started appearing in the Cash Shop and more items are on the way. Scared of the dark? Get in the spirit of the season with these ghastly costumes. Dressing up as one of the creatures of the night may fool them into thinking you’re one of them.

Haunted Holiday on the Horizon
Reports of frightening changes to towns that were once bright and happy have been flooding in from distant lands. Could it be a trick? What treat is in store for the villages of Dragonica? Keep tabs on the official forums to make sure you don’t end up in the dark!

The Loot Hunt Ends Soon!
As the lands of Dragonica fill with the spirit of the season, the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt enters its final days! With the gameplay bonuses during Grand Opening weekend, this is a great time to find Loot Hunt Raffle Cards. Hurry to earn more chances to win during the last two weeks of the Loot Hunt and get ready for some haunting fun!

Full details of each of these Grand Opening events will be published early next week! Looking for something to tide you over until then? See if you can find Poporing in the Grand Opening image at the top of this post!