Monday, October 12, 2009

New Evil Stirs in Kundaran Dungeon!

Kundaran Dungeon
Home of Mutisha the Necromancer and Aram the Golem

Brave heroes, hearken unto me! The forces of evil have gained a new foothold in the land of Angrakka, the continent of chaos. Deep in the twisted wilds of the Sanctuary of the Gods lies Kundaran Dungeon, a labyrinth of stone corridors and mossy walls. The hulking guardians of these forgotten halls are made of living rock and sinewy vegetation and are bound by a dark magic. The malevolent monster Mutisha the Necromancer has corrupted the land and now controls Aram, an ancient golem crafted by the mist elves to fight the dragons of old. Should you still have your courage, venture forth into the depths of the jungle and seek out Kundaran Dungeon to free Aram from the grip of evil!

The Path to Kundaran Dungeon
Preparation is the key when taking on an adventure of this scale. The quests you take on in the Sanctuary of the Gods will not only harden you but will also reveal more about the mysterious Mutisha, the secretive mist elves, and the origin of Aram. Travel from the oasis of Portobello Village to Pinecone Hills to begin your journey to Mutisha's lair. Accept the Hero Quests you find and complete them to be introduced to Hel Krouzer, a temperamental mist elf. After convincing him and gaining his favor, he will grant you access to Kundaran Dungeon and reward you for successfully destroying Mutisha and deactivating Aram.

Beasts of Flesh and Stone, Rock and Bone
The creatures that call Kundaran Dungeon home are a challenge for even the hardiest of champions. These crumbling halls are densely populated with overgrown fauna such as stinger-brandishing Firefly Sentinels, leaping Kong Frogs, and four-legged, heavily armed Kentar. Travel deeper into the ruins and you'll find enemies hewn from the very living rock. Stone barricades give way to reveal golems, totems, and flying fetishes born of raw earth and given life by Mutisha's dark magical influence. If the dangerous denizens of this corrupted land weren't enough challenege, heroes should also mind their footing here as the walls and floors are laden with all manner of deadly traps. Only the foolhardy fail to look before they leap and you will be leaping often during your descent to the heart of Kundaran Dungeon.

Mutisha the Necromancer
Should you find your way to the very core of Kundaran Dungeon, you will face off with not only Mutisha the Necromancer but the towering golem Aram as well. Mutisha's arsenal of spells includes pulsing energy spheres that track the living, dark meteors, magic-infused boulder novas, the ability to summon stone golems from the surrounding rock cavern, and the power to activate Aram. Controlled by the vile conjurer, Aram awakens at his new dark master's command to unleash pain of gigantic proportions. The golem's attacks are devastating, ranging from slams and sweeps of his enormous arms to stalactite showers and stalagmite spikes. Immune to damage, Aram will only cease his offensive when you slay Mutisha. However, this is no simple task as Mutisha will teleport to dodge your attacks and punish your impudence with pain.

Do You Dare Enter?
Should you succeed, the rewards will be epic. Powerful and finely-crafted weapons can be made of the relics sourced from Aram. Should you fail, your bones will decorate the rotting dungeon walls to serve as a warning to hapless adventurers who follow in your final footsteps. Will you prevail? Be warned, Mutisha is eager to conscript new corpses to join his unliving army.

The path to Kundaran Dungeon, a new instance designed for characters level 50 and above, opens with Dragonica Online v1.0.0, arriving October 13th! Click here for more information. Until then, enjoy the two new wallpapers found in this thread! Click on the images for full size.

Journey well, Dragonicans!