Monday, October 19, 2009

Nights of Fright

The days grow dark in the world of Dragonica. A bitter wind sweeps through the towns of El Grego and Angrakka. The sky is cold and dim. This foreboding atmosphere is harbinger to what's soon to come.

Terrible creatures have been seen along the edge of the deep woods. They skulk and lurk and lie in wait for easy prey. Villages threatened by these unspeakable beasts have started to change. The people have taken to decorating themselves as horrible monsters, covering their homes in bizarre lights, and carving crops into distorted visages.

A macabre festival environment fills the air as the Nights of Fright are upon us!

Event: Nights of Fright
Details: Dragonica Online celebrates October with two weeks of creepy costumes, spooky surprises, and marauding monsters!
Duration: October 20th until October 31st

Click here for more information about this holiday event! This is no trick, Dragonicans: you're in for a treat!