Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day


T’be observin’ annual and international Talk Like A Pirate Day, Dragonica Online invites ye to journey to the world o’ dragons startin' Friday September 18th to be grabbin' the new buccaneer outfit in the Cash Shop to dress proper-like fer the event. Howe’er, be sure'n to get ye your [Pirate Eye Patch] and [Parrot] balloon items t’be completin’ your costume!

Yarr! Don’t be havin’ enough ICE Cash t’be gettin’ these swashbucklin’ items? Ye can purchase some by visitin’ this link or ye can go to the Cash Shop to get the [Pirate Balloon] fer naught a copper. Aye, the [Pirate Balloon] be yours fer the takin', FREE! The free balloon giveaway is bein’ held from September 18th until the 19th and all other piratey items will be leavin’ the Cash Shop on Tuesday, September 22nd, so be sure to procure them while ye can, matey!

Arrr, but there be another type o’ reward for making monsters walk the plank this weekend. Dragonicans who be logging in on Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19th, we be givin’ ye an experience boost! Get a little closer to your next level in addition to plunderin’ the booty you’ll be lootin’ from fighting all manner o’ beast in the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt! If this be not enough to put the wind in your sails, we'll be havin' all hands on deck for a special pirate-themed O/X Quiz at 5:00 PM Pacific on Saturday.

Read ye on fer more details. And remember: dead Shark Pirates tell no tales!


Event: Talk Like A Pirate Day
Details: Celebrate a day of swashbucklin' with an all-day experience boost, a pirate-themed O/X Quiz, special Cash Shop items, and a free cosmetic balloon item, the [Pirate Balloon]!
Date: September 19th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM Pacific

  • Grab your garb early, lads and lasses! Starting Friday September 18th, ye can collect special Talk Like A Pirate Day cosmetic items from ye olde Cash Shop including the [Pirate Balloon], a free balloon to celebrate the event!
  • Ye olde Cash Shop be gettin' a new shipment of booty in the form of [Parrot] balloons, [Pirate Eye Patch]es, and a full Buccaneer outfit. Dress as a salty knave of the sea from top to toe!
  • On Saturday September 19th, ye can enjoy an increased experience boost from the foul beasts you slay all day! For the truly keen of mind, ye can indeed use your [EXP Boost Potion]s to stack with this bonus.
  • At 5:00 PM Pacific, we be startin' a special pirate-themed O/X Quiz for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Be sure to be prompt to participate!
  • Although the free [Pirate Balloon] and experience bonus end as September 19th passes, the Talk Like A Pirate Day items in the Cash Shop will remain available until our scheduled server maintenance on Tuesday, September 22nd!

piratemarkballoon.png pirateeyepatch.png parrotballoon.png
[Pirate Balloon] [Pirate Eye Patch] [Parrot]

buccaneerpackage.png buccaneerlegs.png buccaneerhat.png buccaneerchest.png
[Buccaneer Package] [Buccaneer Legs] [Buccaneer Hat] [Buccaneer Chest]

T'be addin' to the celebration, we be changin' your postcount ranking titles t'somethin' a wee bit more piratey. Journey well me hearties!