Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vote on the Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt Contest

More than 50 submissions were entered in the "Craft A Dragonica Online T-Shirt" contest and we have selected six finalists for Dragonicans to choose as the Dragonica Online t-shirt they would wear proudest of all. The finalists in alphabetical order are:

"Claws of Elga" by FlyingDeity

"Join the Fellowship" by pokity

"Rallying Warrior" by 3db3rg

"Rising Dragon" by figroti (Entry #1)

"Woodster Emblem" by ticktock (Entry #1)

"Wounded Woodster Gallery" by animelock

The winning design will be created into a Dragonica Online t-shirt so please be sure to view each submission link before voting. Remember that you're voting on the concept, not the execution.

Voting ends September 13th at 11:59 PM Pacific (2:59 AM Eastern)!

Choose well, Dragonicans!