Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dragonica Online v0.7.78 Patch Notes

Dragonica Online Open Beta Test
v0.7.78 Patch Notes

  • Dragonica Online's second continent awaits! Angrakka features dozens of new monsters, maps, and loot designed for character levels 40 to 60. More information on this new content can be found here.
  • Dozens of text fixes.

  • Eight new job classes are now available! Warriors have Paladins and Myrmidons, Magicians have Shamans and Warmages, Archers have Pathfinders and Grenadiers, and Thieves have Harlequins and Ninjas. In order to promote to these new classes, you must first defeat the Magma Drake Lavalon and be at least level 40. Once completed, talk to Pablo the Alchemist in the city of Libra and accept his quest titled "An Offer of Help".