Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GM-Spotting (Find The GM)

Attention, Dragonicans! Our first GM-Spotting event commences tomorrow!

Starting at 5:00 PM Pacific on September 24th, one of our Game Masters will hide somewhere in a city or field map, waiting for you to find them in Channel-5. Clues in the form of haiku will be broadcast in-game to provide hints as to the location. You will then have ten minutes to find the Game Master and open a trade window with them. The first three players to find the Game Master will win 10x [Phoenix Feathers], after which the Game Master will move to a new hiding spot. You'll have three chances to find the Game Master in this first GM-Spotting event!

Full details follow:

Event: GM-Spotting
Details: Locate the hiding Game Master in-game and open a trade window with them to win a prize! Three rounds of hiding will occur with a broadcast haiku serving as a clue for each location.
Prize: 10x [Phoenix Feather] for nine winners. Only the first character on a THQ*ICE Passport to complete this event is eligible. Players can win once per location.
Duration: Starts Thursday, September 24th at 5:00 PM Pacific.

In-game announcements will begin one hour before the start of the event.