Monday, June 22, 2009

Show Your Skill at Class Builds!

With the Closed Beta Test start date of June 30th announced and our First Steps character guide contest underway, we're like to introduce our second Closed Beta Test contest, Skilled Builder. This event tasks players to select the base class of their choosing, Warrior, Thief, Magician or Archer, and assemble a collection of skills from that class' skill tree. These skill collections called "class builds" or simply "builds". Many of our active forum members have had some hands-on experience with Dragonica Online and no doubt each and every one of those members have a build that is both near and dear to them and capable of utterly pwning any monster or PvPer who dares confront it.

Ready to divulge your class build secrets for the ability to get your first Closed Beta Test character boosted to level 20 immediately? Then show us you're a:

Author a level 20 character build for either the Archer, Magician, Thief or Warrior. Builds need only list which skills they'd select, to what rank they'd raise them to and why the build is awesomesauce (read: good). This can be due to performance in PvE or PvP but please remember that a summary of the build's function is necessary. Builds can be typed, drawn, spoken, written in invisible ink: the choice is yours. Remember that builds will be judged based on their potency and to a lesser extent on their legibility. After the contest ends, submissions will be judged by THQ*ICE staff. Eight character build submissions will be selected as winners, two per class. Winners will receive a Dragonica Online Closed Beta Test Activation Key and be granted a level 20 character of the subject class of their winning submission. Additionally, winning submissions will be featured in our upcoming Class Subforum sections as a stickied thread.

Detailed information on the four starting classes' skill trees and available skill points at level 20 can be found at these links:

Interested in participating? Follow this link to be taken to the contest thread on the official forum. This contest ends June 28th 11:59 PM PDT (June 29th 6:59 AM GMT-0).

Best of luck to all participants!