Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dragonica Online Closed Beta Test is LIVE!

With the Dragonica Online Closed Beta Test having gone live at 2:00pm PT this afternoon, here's a simple five-step guide explaining how to get started:

1. Register your THQ*ICE Passport.
2. Sign up for CBT.
3. Apply your Activation Key.
4. Download the CBT game client.
5. Install the CBT game client.

If you've completed the first two steps, you are in our tester pool for CBT. This means you will be selected at random to receive an email containing an Activation Key. Waves of emails will be sent out starting today and over the course of this week. Each subsequent wave will bring more testers into the CBT. Be certain to check your Spam filter!

ALL Activation Keys have a set time at which they can be applied to your THQ*ICE Passport. An error message will result if the Activation Key cannot be applied until a later time.

If you participated in the Preview Beta Test, you do not require an Activation Key. You can update your PBT client or download the CBT client and start playing.

If you have more questions on this topic, please ask them in this forum thread.