Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dragonica Online @ E3 2009

Our second guest blogger from the Dragonica Online Team is our Marketing Manager, Aaron, announcing an event!
Electronic Entertainment ExpoHello Dragonicans! The biggest gaming event of the year starts this week and Dragonica Online will be there!

But before I go into more details allow me to introduce myself; my name is Aaron and I’m a Marketing Manager for Dragonica Online. This is an exciting time for the Dragonica Online Team and we have a ton of cool events and activities planned for the community. This week marks the start our event planning with the biggest gaming event of the year: E3 2009.

Ok, some of you may be asking, “what is E3?” E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo and is an annual video game convention where new games are announced, demonstrated and shown off to gaming journalist and lucky gamers who received a rare ticket to the show. For gamers, the feeling of being at E3 is similar the first time Charlie stepped into the Chocolate Factory or when Dorothy finally made it back to Kansas. E3 is gamer heaven and THQ*ICE will be there showing Dragonica Online to the gaming world!

If you made it into the Preview Beta Test be sure to log into the game Tuesday, June 2nd through Thursday, June 4th to play with the members of the gaming media, E3 patrons and members of the Dragonica Online Team. Help us show off Dragonica Online to the gaming world! Details below:

Event: Virtual E3 2009 Invite – Play with THQ*ICE at E3 2009
Details: Play with the Dragonica Online Team and help show off Dragonica Online to the gaming world!
Duration: Tuesday, June 2nd – Thursday, June 4th

See you online!