Friday, June 5, 2009 Shares Dragonica Online Impressions

Massively.comAs our forum-goers and Preview Beta Test participants heard over the course of last week, E3 2009 was a remarkably frenetic and successful event for the Dragonica Online Team. An impressive number of media representatives came to visit us and experience Dragonica Online first-hand. has published a lengthy "impressions" piece on the game, a snippet of which can be found here:

Continuing the somewhat recurring theme at E3 2009 of "what was old is new again," Dragonica Online has taken the traditional 2D side-scroller format and transitioned it to 3D. The resulting environment will be friendly to any of the Night Elves you see endlessly bouncing around World of Warcraft and fans of nostalgic action RPGs like Secret of Mana.

The game sports fast and furious real-time combat, crafting, guilds, dungeon raids, PvP, and a light-hearted atmosphere. It didn't take us long to realize that Dragonica doesn't take itself too seriously. For example, in the demo, we saw an archer battling shark pirates who were wielding swordfish. We're obviously not in Middle Earth here.
The article goes on to discuss the four starting classes and their basic roles. Additionally, the differences between the three types of maps found in the game are addressed. To read's entire article on Dragonica Online, click here.