Friday, June 26, 2009

1UP Trumpets Dragonica Online's Upcoming CBT

Game news site has published an article detailing Dragonica Online's rapidly arriving Closed Beta Test, slated to launch June 30th. Links to our many social media outlets and a brief summary of the THQ*ICE joint venture lead off the piece. Here's a meaty passage:

For the uninitiated, Dragonica is a combination free-to-play MMO/side-scrolling action game. So instead of mouse-clicking and spamming the number buttons to watch a bunch of combat animations, you actually have to do stuff like run, jump, and attack like you would in an action game. In fact, the game's combo counter even tracks how many successful blows you've landed; a successful string of attacks (let's say 50 hits on the combo counter) usually results in an experience point boost. Another gauge, the monster counter, tracks how many foes you've beaten in succession without being taken down yourself; beating up 100 monsters in a row could earn you a special treasure chest with even more loot than usual.
The article also discusses friend points, crafting, PvP and more. Click here to read it.