Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess When Preview Beta Test Starts, Get Invited

Although the previous blog post revealed that the Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test (PBT) will launch in late May, you can secure your spot in this early testing phase today! How? Simple! Point your browser over to the official Dragonica Online forums and check out the "Guess the Preview Beta Test Start Date" thread over here. Post your estimation of when Dragonica Online's first beta will begin in the thread and that's it! (I suggest a date sometime in May, myself.)

Registered members who guess the correct date will receive an invite to the PBT! Haven't registered yet? Create your free THQ*ICE Passport ID in a matter of seconds over here. After participating in this contest, be sure to check out the Dragonica Conquest Part I and II for more chances to guarantee a beta invite!