Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test Starts May 29th!

Big Cheer!Dragonicans! Hear ye, hear ye!

The long-awaited start date of THQ*ICE's Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test has been announced! Next Friday, May 29th, invited beta testers will begin their journey to the world of dragons! The Preview Beta Test or PBT will feature an updated Dragonica Online game client with numerous fixes sourced from player feedback during our Alpha Test this past April. Ben Serviss, our Product Manager, will be making a Windia Portal blog post detailing the specifics as to what new changes Dragonica Online has seen.

Can't wait that long? Read on! In addition to the PBT we will be hosting a Sneak Preview Beta Test or SPBT which will begin two days ahead of the main phase. This early portal to the world of dragons will open for a small number of invited beta testers, granting them 48 hours of exclusive access to Dragonica Online. As there is no non-disclosure agreement for any of our test phases, these first explorers of Windia and beyond will be free to report their findings to the entire community through text or visuals.

Want a beta invite? Look no further than the official Dragonica Online forums! Multiple contests and events have begun or will be starting in the coming days, the prizes of which are invites to all of our beta tests in addition to in-game items. A new one will be launching later today! All that's needed to participate is a THQ*ICE Passport ID which can be created in a matter of seconds right here.

We're very excited about this next step towards releasing Dragonica Online and so is the community! Your fellow Dragonicans are actively discussing this latest development on the official forums - why not join them?