Monday, May 25, 2009

PBT Keys Available for FilePlanet Subscribers

FilePlanetLooking for another way into the Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test (PBT)? IGN's FilePlanet has the solution! Subscribers to their website can claim a Preview Beta Activation Key for use on May 29th when the Preview Beta Test begins. Be aware, it's a limited quantity! Here it is in their own words:

Dragonica Online is the first fantasy action MMO to merge 3D side-scrolling, fast-paced combat and comical, yet devastating, skill system never seen in a single MMO offering. Combining vibrant graphics and expansive player freedom, Dragonica Online breathes new life into the traditional side-scrolling MMO.

We're offering our FilePlanet subscribers a chance to participate in the special "Preview Beta Test". Get a firsthand look at this revolutionary new MMO. Journey to the World of Dragons!
Follow this link to be taken to their Dragonica Online promotional page.