Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dragonica Online Preview Beta Test Nears!

The first beta phase of Dragonica Online is upon us!

In just a few short weeks the portal to Windia will open and Dragonica Online community members will begin their journey to the world of dragons. Starting late May in advance of our Closed Beta Test (CBT), these Preview Beta Test (PBT) pioneers will be an expeditionary force, not only exploring the many features Dragonica Online has to offer but also providing valuable feedback on game elements via our official forums. As there will be no non-disclosure agreement (NDA), participants will be free to report their findings and adventures to their fellow community members in all forms: text, screenshots, even video.

Want an early invite to Dragonica Online? You’re not too late! Sign up for a free THQ*ICE Passport ID to register for the official Dragonica Online forums for a chance to participate in the PBT. Looking to improve your chances? Check out the Dragonica Conquest contest series where all winners will be granted a guaranteed invite to PBT in addition to kingly prize packs of in-game items!

Although the THQ*ICE Dragonica Online server is localized for North America, the PBT will be open to all invited users. While this open access will end at the start of our Open Beta Test (OBT), it may continue through our much larger CBT. All Dragonica Online fans everywhere are welcome and encouraged to participate on our forums beyond OBT.

Excited? We sure are! Celebrate the unveiling of Dragonica Online’s first beta phase with your community at the official forums here.