Monday, May 18, 2009

The Final Dragonica Conquest!

Part III of the Dragonica Conquest begins!

The Dragonica Conquest, our first series of community events, concludes with Part III, the wallpaper contest. Combining the disciplines demonstrated in Parts I and II, creating striking and functional wallpapers involves an eye for framing, composition, and most of all subject matter. As with Part I and II, your work may be featured as part of Dragonica Online in a very real way! Read on for more information.

Dragonica Conquest Part III of III

The Wallpaper Battle has commenced! Utilize the high-resolution images of Dragonica Online provided via our official Flickr page to compose an image that encapsulates the game, focuses on a single character, or both! The choice is yours. The only limitation is that submissions must be at least 1024x768 pixels and have to demonstrate Dragonica Online in some manner. Beyond that, your creativity is invited to run wild! Full details can be found in this forum thread.

Although this is the final segment of the Dragonica Conquest, numerous new contests are planned for the immediate future! We have more Preview Beta Test keys to give out before its arrival, be sure to monitor this blog and the official forums for more details.