Monday, July 27, 2009

ZAM Interviews THQ*ICE's Community Lead Scapes

The Dragonica Online team played host to thousands of individuals last week at Comic-Con 2009. One of those individuals was a representative from ZAM, formally known as, who came with a set of questions about THQ*ICE's first MMORPG offering and Community Lead Evan "Scapes" Berman was there to answer them. Here is a pair of questions and answers to get you started:

ZAM: First of all, we're just a little curious about why THQ*ICE is somewhat behind the other English ports of Dragonica Online - both the European and the SEA-ANZ versions of the game have been out in open beta for at least a month or two.

Evan Berman: We've been working on localizing the game, making the quests more, I suppose, 'approachable' for the Western gamer. Originally, the game had more 'cut and dried' quests, but instead of "kill 10 rats," we want it to be "kill 10 rats because they spoke ill of your mother." We want to give you a reason to want to go kill those rats. So that's been why it's taken a little bit more time. We're also fixing additional bugs and minor graphical things - the things that really will give the game the polish it needs to really succeed. This is part of why we've been taking a little bit longer to release it. We actually just got out of Closed Beta Test about a week ago, and we'll be going into open beta in late summer.

ZAM: There have been a lot of rumors about the 'secret' job class changes available to players who don't class change until level 30, like the 'Duelist' for the Swordsman, the 'Gunslinger' for the Archer, the 'Doctor' for the Magician, and the 'Bard' for the Thief. Are these classes real, but perhaps not implemented yet, or are they really just rumors?

Evan: We too have heard those rumors, and we find them quite... intriguing.
The full ten-question interview can be found at this link.