Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bring Your Own Balloon to OBT!

You've seen them floating behind your characters, obediently following you across far stretches of monster-infested lands. They've been your ever-present banner, your unspoken message, your... floating, smiling green poo-creature. They are your balloons. Cosmetic. Cute. Filled with virtual helium. Now it's time for you to create YOUR balloon, the balloon you will proudly equip and show off to your fellow Dragonicans.

Enter the BYOB2OBT contest!

Utilize the Dragonica Online pictures available via our official Flickr page and your boundless imagination to compose an image that you feel your fellow Dragonicans would proudly display as they vanquish the dark forces that threaten the world of Dragonica. Not the best at image creation? You can still collect the winning in-game balloon! Just be sure to vote in the contest finalists poll after the submission period ends to receive the winning balloon in-game!

Want to find out more? Full details can be found in this thread.

This contest ends August 3rd 11:59 PM Pacific (August 4th 2:59 AM Eastern). Best of luck, entrants!