Monday, July 20, 2009 Publishes Third Developer Journal

Weapons and armor are the topic of Dragonica Online's third Developer Journal published on This article addresses the implements and equipment you'll be utilizing to subdue and survive the monsters who seek to do you in as you adventure through Dragonica Online. Two passages from the article can be found here:

Every adventurer needs a reliable weapon and Dragonica Online offers players a vast selection of combat weaponry. There are two main combat styles players can master in Dragonica Online: melee combat and long-range assault. Each job class specializes in unique combat techniques that are only available to their profession. As players grow their characters to advanced classes, choosing the right weapon will be critical in slaying mobs with ease.

Just as all adventurers need reliable weapons, adventurers also need armor to protect themselves from danger and peril. Dragonica Online's Armor System is divided into unique pieces, each with a distinct defense rating contributing to the overall armor strength. While not every item you encounter may provide defensive stats, items can also grant important character enhancements that increase a player's strength, durability and chances of survival.
Click here for the full article which also features samples images of weapons and armor sets you may encounter on your journey!