Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Your PvP On This Friday!

After Wednesday's First Hero Tournament proved to be a popular event, we're going forward with an even bigger PvP competition: the Friday Night Battle Royale. This series of timed death-matches will yield three champions but all who participate will be rewarded for their efforts.

Event: Friday Night Battle Royale
Details: Participants compete in a series of ten-minute, nine-man free-for-all battles to come out on top. Tenth spot will be occupied by a THQ*ICE spectator. The best of these preliminary fights will go on to the semi-finals. The best of the semi-finals will go on to the finals, which will yield us our champions.
First Prize: 100 Gold and full armor set of your level and class.
Second Prize: 50 Gold and head armor piece of your level and class.
Third Prize: 25 Gold and backpack item to be determined.
All Participants: 10 Gold and Star Balloon.
Sign-Up Duration: Until 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern) on Friday July 10th
Duration: Battles start at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM Eastern) on Friday July 10th
Requirements: MINIMUM level 20 character. Availability at the above time. Only one participating character per player.

Interested in signing up? Reply to this forum thread with your character name, level and class!