Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Players Gather to Name Themselves

"What's in a name," a protagonist named Juliet once asked in a play by a certain bard you're probably familiar with. She goes on to claim that a name is cosmetic, superficial. That may very well be but a name can be much more. A name can identify and iconify. Classify and codify. A name can unify.

On the official Dragonica Online forums this week, the grassroots community is coming together to vote on its collective name, the term that will define them, one and all. Two names have been provided for consideration, Dragonicans and Dragonians, but forum members are welcome to propose their own suggestions.

Want a hand in this momentous decision? Navigate your browser over here to create your free THQ*ICE Passport ID and start participating on the forums with your fellow Dragonicans, Dragonians, Dragonfolkpeople... you decide!

Click here to be taken to the poll and discussion taking place on the forums!